Monday, April 25, 2011

Hobo with a shotgun

Finally I got my claws on this movie. Honest be told, my mood tonight is not so good, but I'll try my best to make this review.
Rutger Hauer is most suitable as the Hobo.
The Hobo arrived in town with a simple dream of buying a lawnmower and starting a grass cutting business.
Not the best of town, where criminal rules and the police is corrupted. The crime lord is the Drake, assisted by his son Ivan and Slick. He likes to do public executions.
But the Hobo just want to earn some money to buy a lawn mower.
One night he saved Abby from one of Drake's son. He bought the person to the corrupted police but was thrown out for his trouble.
Now the Hobo and Abby are friends.
Finally the Hobo earned enough money after eating some glass for a guy.
As he was about to buy the lawn mower, three robbers burst into the shop and he had to make a decision.
Now he goes around shooting criminals with the shotgun.
The gang lead by Drake retaliated by burning a school bus and killing all the homeless people that they can find.
Abby was threatened by the cops but the hobo managed to save her.
They decided to flee the town but was attacked by Drake's two sons. Abby was badly injured while the Hobo managed to kill one of the sons.
The Hobo rushed her to the hospital where the doctors managed to save her, while Drake called some special gang to capture the Hobo.
They managed to capture the Hobo and now Abby must go and save him.
More weapons.
She managed to kill one of the "robots".
She lost one of her hand fighting Drake, but managed to stab him with the bone and finally free the Hobo.
The Hobo approached Drake when the corrupt police arrive.
Meanwhile, the town people have also arrived.
Ignoring the police, the Hobo shot Drake on the head and was gunned down, leading to the angry town people shooting at the police.
A nice movie to watch, especially if you like cult movies. If you like my review, I would appreciate it very much if you can click on some of the ads on the right. The next movie that I am going to review should be 13 Assassins, but of course I cannot review all in one night. Till next time.

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