Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Loads of stuff on a hot day

Today I was working half day to clear my leave, plus I have an interview in the afternoon.

Went back at 12 and saw this news. Not again, MACC reputation is not that good and now another case. I can't wait for tomorrow to see the aftermath.
 The press statement is in Malay so I apologize if you cannot understand it.

I went for the 2.30 interview and I am one of the shortlisted candidate. Had a discussion about half an hour and they will get back to me soon. I hope I can get this job because I am mentally breaking down, so I really hope I can get a fresh start soon. But one question that I don't like, and I did not answer because the question is considered personal, why am I not married yet. WTF, what has my marriage status got to do with my ability to do a job. If in the US, the guy will get his ass sued  for asking that kind of question.

I can answer why I am not married yet, but I don't think a lot of people would dare know my answer. It will haunt you forever so some things are better left alone. And no, I am not gay, people who know me would know that. Let's just sing the song "Ashes" by "Five Finger Death Punch", "Everything I touch turns to ashes, slips right through my hands".

After the interview, I parked my car and got my bike and off I go to Queensbay. I was at KFC and I saw this kid happily eating her mashed potato, smiling and laughing. The laugh is so sincere. I actually envied the kid's happiness, adults will not have the chance to be sincerely happy anymore.

I sure had a lot of things running through my head, all the things she (If you don't know what the hell I am talking about, go google a group called taTu.)

In the evening I received some sad news. 

It has been confirmed that esteemed cosplayer Saya has passed away in an accident.

According to her little sister, she died at 05:27AM on the 15th of March as a result of an accident, the details of which are not clear.

Till next time, I would like to say I care for you all. Take care.

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