Sunday, April 3, 2011

On borrowed time

I went out shopping today and when I returned and turn on my computer, this is the first news that I see. Fuck.
I am so angry and disgusted at this. How can a teacher beat up a 7 years old??. Sir, you are not qualified to be a teacher, some people dare say you are not qualified to live on this earth. Some more you are supposed to be a religious man because you teach in a religious school. May God punish you for your deeds.

Let me make a little confession. I used to be quite religious but now I am more of a neutral cause I have seen too many bad deeds done and it goes unpunished, and only the pious suffer while the evil laugh. Pardon me for being sarcastic but that's the truth. A lot of people can claim to be religious but they faith have not been tested yet. What the hell am I rambling about, lets stop talking about this issue here.

Honestly I don't feel so well going to work now cause I have this funny feeling that some people cannot be trusted and will come up with excuses again. Even the appraisal and salary increment this year has been delayed up to end of April and my gut feeling says that it will be delayed again due to some excuses. Just wait and see. 

I swore that I am going to get another job last December when some genius asked the lecturers to do telemarketing job. And I did get a job in Brunei, but the salary was too low and its a teaching job which i am losing my appetite very fast. There was another interview in the IT field, but they did not get back to me until last Thursday. I am going to have another talk with them next week, so if you really care for me, please pray that I get the job so i can fuck someone up.

What really burns me is actually I have no problem with any of the students, but still, when other people treat you badly, how can you be nice to other people. That's why there are so many cases of teachers going crazy these days. I will not let that happen cause I care for my students so I rather just walk away than turn bad. Some people complain non stop but don't have the guts to do anything. They are just like prostitutes that work for money, no more, you are no better than them.

I used to be a violent person in the past, but that is under control now.There are scars on both my fists, and I used to cut my left hand for fun and at least carry two knives, one in my boots. But that's the past and I found my peace, but don't you all go and disturb the only thing that bring peace to my heart.

Back to today, it seems shirts are getting more and more expensive nowadays, even non brand like "Bonia" (sorry Bonia fans) can go up to RM260 per shirt. I used to wear Raoul and Saville Row but I don't have the heart to buy expensive shirts because I don't have the heart for the job anymore. Maybe when I start a new job, I will but those brand again. After walking like 5 hours, in the end I decided to get a Kent shirt. Yeah yeah, never heard of the brand before..ha ha. But not that cheap also.

Sometimes I can be quite generous to the  people that know me. So if every I give you expensive gifts (not everyday ok), it does not mean I have some intentions over you. Nothing hurts me more than if people are suspicious over my intentions, when I give sincerely. This month there are two people with birthdays and I am dying of thinking what to get them. Maybe its my last gifts here..

Till next time, take care you all...


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