Sunday, April 17, 2011

Money can't buy you happiness but..

Its sure as hell can buy you a lot of stuff.

Usually when I am upset, I go shopping or at least window shopping. I used to wear Guess shirt and Esprit pants, but now there is not anyone worthy for me to wear it. In the old days, I can buy 2 shoes in 2 days time.

I was checking out the latest LV collection, and this seems nice. I think here the price is at least 3K, but I can like something without buying it right?

Or fancy some python skin jacket?

Sometimes in life, its the simple things that make you happy, if you can live simple enough as it is. I cannot.
However my pet cats make me happy too.
An orange fur ball.
My old friend
Walking behind my house and see the greenery and vegetation.

If your idea of happiness is to go clubbing every night or get drunk, then you have to ask yourself, are you really happy or you are just fooling yourself?.

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