Saturday, April 23, 2011

Inter school Animation + Web Design Competition + Diploma Final Project Competition

Today, 23-4-2011, there was an inter school animation and web design competition help at Inti College Penang. Some Diploma in IT students also presented their final project for best project competition.
 Eugene and Ai Leng are the MCs

Opening speech by Dr. Yap.

Next is a talk by Mr Chan Kee Saik, founder of Erabytes Network, one of the web hosting company in Malaysia on how to start a business young.
I really like this facts that he present. If you want to do something, just do it, don't regret when you are old.

Then the competition starts, but eat first before that.

The Diploma in IT student project competition
Hsiu Ching and her facebook game.

Trying out the shooting game designed by Jezz

The school animation and web design competition.

While the judges were counting the marks, Mr Ng gave a talk on how to do Internet marketing.

Congratulations to the winners


PalmGeo said...

Hello.. very nice gallery. Can you show us the design which the students were created so that we can also get an idea of creating our iPhone Application Developers website.

Felix Stendahl said...

Wow, they actually had formal speeches before the competition started. This could be a big break for the winners. They'll make use of those certificates one day - when they enter the real world of web designing. Anyway, I wish you could post the designs that the participants made. That would be great to see.

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