Friday, April 15, 2011

Life is like that

The first paragraph is totally serious shit. If you don't like to read about serious stuff, please skip the paragraph. And this story is from my view, other people might have another version of the story, but its their point of view, and all wars happen because of different point of view.

I had a fallout with someone I know (I don't want to call the person a friend anymore, until this issue is resolved) because the person thought I was getting involved in her life, but in my side of the story, I was really just showing concern. It began on Monday when I send her an info about a job vacancy in a certain company. Later I saw a facebook posting that she complain some people are pressuring her. I know a certain someone is pressuring her on two issues, one of them is job and the other one too personal to say here. Then I messaged her asking whether she is angry that I send the info to her. No reply, fine.

Later that night I messaged again, asking if everything is ok? Still no reply. Fine. I know that sometimes people have no credit on their phone, but at least have the courtesy to leave a message in facebook or messenger saying "I;m ok", or if not "Just leave me alone". I will not ask anymore then. But you prefer to keep quiet and let people worry about you. Thank you very much.

The next day, I send another sms. Still no reply.

Note, all my sms just asked whether the person is ok and is anything wrong. There is no message like, will you go out with me tonight, let's go clubbing or other messages like that. So how can someone misunderstood me stalking her..I did not even ask her where are you or what are you doing now??

The next day I called her a few times (I know sometimes people don't have credit to call back, unlike me, I use postpaid), but she does not want to pick up.

The next day she accuses me of that. Fine, I did not bother about her ever since.

People that know me knows, if I made a mistake, I will apologize several times to you. But in this case, I don't feel guilty at all, just feel angry, because in my opinion, I did nothing wrong at all.

I have lost a lot of so called friends, and losing one more will not kill me. So be it then..


Anonymous said...

Well, stuff like this happen SMS. It happen to me quite couple of time already. Although it's just concern towards him/her some people will just think that we are getting involved into his/her life and don't really want to give a reason about it. -Glim

Javin said...

I'll always be available for you :)

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