Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Things to watch for in Wrestlemania 27

I noticed a lot of people reading my old review of Wrestlemania 25 over the weekend, so I guess I'll make a review of the latest Wrestlemania 27.

The Rock is still a great speaker and the millions and millions of fans adore him. Newer wrestlers really need to learn his mic skills.
He can make grown men do dumb things like imitate him..lol
The eyebrow thingy O.o

I don't really know who Alberto Del Rio clothes designer is, but its really hard take a man wearing gold wrestling brief seriously, unless you are Goldust. They should change his clothes if they want people to take him seriously.
See, does Edge wear any funny looking costume, of course not.

Rey Mysterio is promoting Captain America??

Austin meets the Rock, two of the greatest stars in the 90s which help WWE kicked WCW's ass

CM Punk vs Randy Orton was great which ended with an RKO.
Hall of Fame, brings back memories
Non of the youngsters will know this guy. He used to be a heel that injures and bloodied opponents with hidden objects. Now he has a seafood and BBQ restaurant.
Sunny is too young to be in the HOF. Sorry to say, I don't think she contributed that much. Ms Elizabeth or Alundra Blayze would make a better choice, but I don't think Alundra will ever appear here since she dumped the WWE Woman's Champion belt in a garbage can on tv after defecting to WCW. lol
Maybe just consider him an honorary member. Like the Honorary Doctorate given to people by universities.
Duggan with his 2 by 4.

And the most deserving recepient,Shawn Micheals

Triple H vs Undertaker goes old school, not the PG13 type of wrestling shown today.
After so long, the Spanish announcers table get destroyed again.
Triple H tries to tombstone Undertaker.
But Taker locks the Hell's Gate for the win.

The Miz vs Cena. Ok, who is the writer that makes Cena religious, it only works on HBK ok.
Ended with a double countout.

Only for the Rock to come out and restart the match.
The Rock rock bottomed Cena and Miz gets the cover. Thank God, I was expecting they make Cena win again (like every year =.=), and the crowd popped at this. They really hated Cena's good guy image. If you watched a young the Rock, WWE tried to do the same to him and he got booed. So what did he do, he turned into a bad guy, then he was cheered. Maybe they should do the same to Cena.

But he is not done yet, now its the Miz turn.
And if you watched Raw last night, they made a Cena vs the Rock for Wrestlemania 28, like that's a year from now.

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