Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Time to buy new jeans..

I have been feeling dizzy for a while. I guess my blood pressure is up a bit, so I really need to calm down a bit. There is no point in getting angry over something that I cannot control. Then maybe its the canteen food that's super salty that increased my blood pressure.

Next week is the birthday of two people that I know. So this weekend its time for gift hunting. I know exactly what to get them because I have been scouting around for a month already. When I buy gifts, don't get me wrong, its just I appreciate you as a friend and who knows, maybe next year I will not be around anymore.

Other than buying gifts, I want to buy something for myself as I am really stressed out. How stressed am I, try and make me angry and you know. I am divided between buying a shoes or jeans.

I have been meaning to get a new pair of Onitsuka shoes cause the one I have is getting old. Its really great for driving too cause the soles are not too thick and you can feel the feedback from the car. The only catch is its RM345, more expensive than Nike or Adidas.

Jeans, hmm, those are cheaper. I was looking at a few Topman jeans, so still considering whether its worth to get. 
This is the arc-cut. I think I will look wierd if I wear this style
At least the Twister does not make you look strange.

Or should I stick to my ever faithful Esprit?
Only time will tell. But this Saturday, early morning I have to go to the Web Design competition first. Crap..

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