Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Balisong Trick

My mood no good, so looking for fighting skill video. I would call this guy master.

But to do this, at least you will ruin one or two blades that you dropped when you were practicing.

I am gonna buy a knife for practice tomorrow, yeah ...

How to block a knife

Cool video I found at youTube, but I don't think its real Silat, it looks more like street fighting techniques.

By the way, the best defend is to run first

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Up close and personal with knives

Unforgiven and The Knife has been named but I am not gonna tell you the name.

Uses screw to hold the blades

Uses pin to hold the blades

This handle is kinda slippery if you are not used to it

Easier to grip with the holes and groove

Unforgiven and Unforgiven Too

Was talking to someone last night about naming their belongings. So I decided to name my knives.


Description - This knife was given to me by someone I helped once. He wanted to give me an auto knife, which is illegal, but I say I prefer manual ones, so there we are. Its handle is half wood and half steel. But this balisong is not for novice as the handle can be slippery and the knife can fly off.

"Unforgiven Too"

Description - I bought this knife today as a gift for someone. Me weird guy =.=. It took me 3 months to find it, I searched from Prangin Mall, go back to my hometown and finally back to Penang before I found it. Bloody hard to find =.=. This one is better than those knives at Prangin cause it's weight is better, its not perfect but better. In terms of sharpness, it still cannot fight the climber, which is a balanced and useful knife. This one is just for playing around. The owner can rename it "Strife" :P

I have a third Balisong which I named "Lost", sorry no picture cause I cannot find it.

Hunt for the knife shop

I told you all before that the knife shop that i frequent has moved to a new location, Beach Street. It's not only sells knives but fishing equipment and scuba gears too.

My first attempt to look for it last month got me hopelessly lost, and i forget to bring the address.

Today I am more prepared. I have asked around. For those that do no know, Beach Street is where the Income Tax department is, did you submit your tax yet for those qualified?

So I parked at China Street Gat, I think, might be reverse the name. Then walked to find the shop.

Walked pass by two traffic light, finally on the right of the road ...found it

If you are coming from the fire station way, watch for it on the left.

Why do I like to buy knives from this shop, cause it has a respectable feel. Been to those shady knife shop at Prangin Mall, but the seller was scared and kept asking what am I gonna do with the knife =.= . WTF, you sell shady knives but scared when people wanna buy.

Monday, April 28, 2008


A ladybug without spots. Why is it called ladybug anyway?

And I saw ladybug cufflinks from Raoul, really nice but too expensive T.T

Dried Banana

Once, someone asked me, why is the picture of the fried banana so dark. The reason is it's dried fried banana. Then why do we put banana under the sun to dry?

The reason is the banana that is ripe will get soft and soggy and will not last long. If you dry it under the sun, it will last longer. The dried banana can be eaten raw or fried.

This is the old way of getting food to last longer without chemicals, dried fish, dried chili, dried banana.

Sunset at a paddy field

Trying to be artistic. Taken behind my house at dusk.

Red Dragonfly

This picture of a red dragonfly was taken near my house. Wish I had a better camera =.=

Monsters Nature: Ulam Raja

This plant is known as "Ulam Raja". If you go to any Malay style shop, most probably you can see this kind of veggie, even though I must admit, the one sold at the shops are usually the old plant, but in the village we eat the young ones.

This "Ulam Raja" can be eaten with "Sambal Belacan" (A mixture of chili, garlic, onion, seedless tamarind, belacan. salt and a bit of seasoning)

Usually it is just washed before being eaten fresh.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Monster needs a rest

I will be away for holiday until Monday 28 April. I need to rest, sharpen my knives and my claws and look for new knives and more story to tell.

Also hiding from people I failed muahahahahahaha. (Just kidding ok =.=)

New Cubicles

These cubicles were outside our office, so I was joking, if there are new staff, we can put them here outside the office.

Actually these are for consultancy room with students. They plan to put phones later so the students can call directly to the lecturer's seat. I think that's cool.

And we can use it as CQB (Close Quarter Battle) practice space if we are playing paintball.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wierd news

This is a bit of weird news. A school was attacked by "Ulat Bulu" (literal translation Fur Worm). Forget the translated term, sorry. Anyway, these small worms cause itchiness when touched, so they had to close the school for 2 weeks. The source of the worms is a tree, so they decide to cut down the tree.

During the process of cutting down the tree, it fell and hit the school building. Weird huh.


It rained heavily yesterday in the evening.

It rained again today morning, guess its the rainy season. I just got to my office 5 minutes before heavy rain fall.

Then became nostalgic, remembered some of the songs related to rain

November Rain - Guns and Roses

'Cause nothin' lasts forever
And we both know hearts can change
And it's hard to hold a candle
In the cold November rain

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head - B. J. Thomas

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head
But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turnin' red
Cryin's not for me
'Cause I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin'
Because I'm free
Nothin's worryin' me
It won't be long till happiness steps up to greet me

People say "You are the sunshine of my life" buy why not "You are the raindrops on my face"...

I need to go take a shower =.=

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Traffic Light

The picture was taken when it was quite cloudy and was about to rain so its kinda dark. The have just built a new traffic light near my house but the interesting thing is there is another traffic light just less that 100 meter from that traffic light.

The interesting thing is when the traffic light is working, there will be a massive jam up to my house but when the traffic light is not working like yesterday, there is no jam. The traffic light just cause huge jam.

I see no value of putting the traffic light there cause there has never been any serious accident in the area. Maybe just some sissy driver that cannot go out of Tesco Extra without the help of the traffic light.

The point is rules and regulation are suppose to make life easier for people and not to make life more difficult. Humans are more flexible but rules and regulations are so rigid.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that we should not follow rules, but can you justify why you implement the rules first before you do it? If you cannot justify it, then there is no point in blindly doing the thing and causing trouble for other people.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hillary Clinton vs Barack Obama

What the hell was WWE thinking? But the impression of the Rock by "Barack" was very funny.

See it here


Someone is challenging me to a haiku challenge. Here is my 2 haiku.

First Haiku
Yearn Opportunistic Undertaking
Ahead Reaps Excellence
Noting Utterly Terrible Séance

Second Haiku
People Serve Dastardly Crown
Serve Under Common King's Service

S: The case of the zombie inducing video game part 2

S readied the gun then thought "The person's inside might be a good guy or a bad guy, I don't want to shoot the wrong person"

So she kicked down the door and yelled "FSB".

Inside there were 3 persons and they were watching the movie "Day Watch"..

"Hands up everyone, and do not move" said S as she pointed the gun at the 3 persons.

"Who is the developer of the game?" asked S

"I am the developer of the game, my name is Sasha" said one of the guys.

"Are you from the mafia, I will pay you the money I owe you soon" said Sasha.

"I just want to see the source code of your game" said S as she put away her gun.

The developer showed her to a terminal and type the commands.

S looked at the codes..

"Hmm, this code uses object oriented design with behaviors for each object, and constructors and destructors. Nothing strange here"

Show me the class diagram and use case model, asked S.

S looked at the use case and class diagram.

Finally S took out her PDA and connected to the computer using usb port.

Scanning ...

No virus detected ....
No subliminal messages detected ....
No trojan horse detected ...

"Ok, thanks, sorry to trouble you, said S as she threw an envelope containing USD1000 to the developer of the program and walked away.

As S walked down the snowy lane, she concluded "Its not the game that turned the students into zombies, but the students are already zombies, but used the came as an EXCUSE..."

Monday, April 21, 2008

Zombie sharks?

You might be wondering, where did zombie sharks come from? Let me tell you the origin of the zombie shark.

Zombi 2 is a Lucio Fulci's film.

In this movie, there is a scene where a shark fights a zombie underwater and the shark gets bitten. According to the rule of zombie movie, if you are bitten by a zombie, you will turn into one.

Fallen Flowers

Life is like a fallen flower =.=

S: The case of the zombie inducing video game part 1

S is walking in the snow in the streets of Moscow. She is wearing a ski mask, scarf, a long trench coat, glasses to protect the eyes, leather gloves, dark colored jeans and Timberland boots. She is also carrying a black duffel bag in her arm.

Under her trench coat, she is carrying a Jericho gun, also known as Baby Eagle in the US. Tucked behind her in the belt is a push dagger.

In the duffel bag is an MP5 with silencers and 9mm bullets and a Tazer gun for non lethal usage..

"Hmm, of all the places, why did I have to go to Russia in the middle of winter" sighed S.

The reason is headquarters wants her to investigate a computer game company , which has develop an online game called "People Under Killing Influence". A lot of parents claim their kids turned into zombies after playing that game for too long. She is going to pay a visit to the developer of the game.

She passed by an alley when she heard a commotion. She turned into a corner and saw a man fighting with some people. The man uses a titanium blade and dispatches several of the attackers.

One of the attackers saw S and dashed towards her with fangs in his mouth, S calmly kicked a wooden crate nearby, the crate broke and S picked up a piece of broken wood and staked the attacker through the heart.

The man with the sword stopped and looked at S.

"Well, well. Blade, still hunting vampires I see" smiled S.

"You must be in Russia for zombie business I guess" said Blade.

"Yeah, I got some job to do now, talk to you another time. Say hi to the Night Watch if you see them " said S.

"Yeah, send my regards to X " said Blade as he walked away.

S reached her destination, a two stories apartment. She walked quietly to the second floor where the developer lived. She heard a commotion inside the developer's house. Slowly she took out the MP5 and Tazer. Then she pulled down the ski mask to cover her face.

To be continued ...

College of the Dead: Aftermath

X is sitting under an umbrella at a beach, in front of him lays a table with a laptop and by the laptop is a mug of iced coke. Next to it is his one balisong. He did ask the leader to search for his missing balisong at the college but he gives little hope of finding it again. "Wait for my birthday" he thought.

"Hmm, S is away on another mission. I wonder how she is now " thought X.

"I better write the report on the college of the dead incident " though X.

Top Secret:

There are a few factors that contributed to the College of the Dead incidents.

1. Burned Out Educators - People think that education is just an easy job compared to Engineers or Doctors, which is not really true. Just look at school teachers for example, a lot of them suffer from some sort of mental illness after teaching for about 20 or 30 years in a system that does not appreciate them.

Recommendation: If you do not have a passion to do this, you might as well quit. If you are just in it it for the money, you might as well be a genius prostitute. No pun intended.

2. Blindly following orders - If the Motivator were alive today (yeah, I shot him, sorry), he would most probably say "I was just following orders of the Headmaster". That happens a lot today, a lot of people when question about certain procedure implemented and cannot justify them, they will mention this line.

Recommendation: There should be a culture transparency and accountability and not pass the buck around =.=

3. Education disarray - There are a lot of confusing orders coming from above. Example: We are now into competency based system and not exam oriented, but at the same time, set there must be at least 70% pass rate in the exam. What the fuck (yeah, i wrote that)

Recommendation: Do you know what the hell you are doing anyway?

4. People in power have no fucking idea what education is - Let politicians be in charge.

Recommendation: Do you know what the hell you are doing anyway?

5. People know how to make babies but do not know how to take care of them. Excuse me teacher, can you please be a surrogate parent for my kids? =.=

When the hell did I fuck with your wife? O________________o

These are come of the factors that leads to the incident of the college of the dead

Sigh, time to get back to my vacation i guess, though X as he send the e-mail to his Boss.

X was just drinking his coke and laying down when he heard a scream, zombie sharks are attacking the swimmers at the beach.

"Here we go again"X grabbed his balisong and ran to the beach.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Soylent Green

For those interested, taken from imdb.

A tale of Earth in despair in 2022. Natural food like fruits, vegetables, and meat among others are now extinct. Earth is overpopulated and New York City has 40 million starving, poverty stricken people. The only way they survive is with water rations and eating a mysterious food called Soylent. A detective investigates the murder of the president of the Soylent company. The truth he uncovers is more disturbing than the Earth in turmoil when he learns the secret ingredient of Soylent Green.

From Wikipedia

The newest product is Soylent Green - a small green wafer which is advertised as being produced from "high-energy plankton". It is much more nutritious and palatable than the red and yellow varieties, but it is in short supply, which often leads to riots.


Thorn sneaks into the basement of the euthanasia facility, where he sees corpses being loaded onto waste disposal trucks. He secretly hitches a ride on one of the trucks, which drives to a heavily guarded waste disposal plant. Once inside the plant, Thorn sees how the corpses are processed into Soylent Green wafers. After Thorn escapes from the plant and heads for the supreme exchange with the information, he is ambushed by Fielding—who turns out to be part of the assassination conspiracy—and several other gunmen. In the shootout, Thorn kills some of the gunmen, but he is wounded, and retreats into a cathedral filled with homeless people. After a desperate fight, Thorn stabs and kills Fielding. When police backup arrives, the seriously wounded Thorn confides to Hatcher the horrible secret behind Soylent Green and urges him to spread the word.


"Soylent Green is people!"

Food Crisis?

WARNING: This article contains things that people don't want to hear. Its called truth.

There seems to be a lot of talk about this food crisis now. I think I want to give an insight as a son of a farmer (yes, my father is farmer).

It seems that when there is a crisis, a lot of people will be urging the farmer to "Plant More", "Use Technology" and so on.

First of all, do these people even know what the hell they are talking about? Some people say, to get more money, you should buy those Harvesting machine so you can charge people for services during the harvesting season. Do you know that the Harvesting machine used in my area came from Selangor as they cannot find more business there. Do you expect me to bring my machine to Phuket or something?

Plant more, how, unless they can come up with faster yielding padi, cause now the padi will take 3 to 4 months to yield result. And the result is just like 1500 to 2000 for the wait. What the hell, I can get more money working in a factory in one month. Who wants to be a padi farmer anymore? Do they know the hardship of a padi farmer? If you want to know the hardship of a padi farmer go read Shannon Ahmad's "Ranjau Sepanjang Jalan", there is an English version called "No harvest but a thorn".

People need to come up with proper, solid plan to get more people to plan padi, not some bullshit rhetoric talk. The plans must include proper support for farmers in terms of watering, seeds and transportation of the products.

If farmers are the most important people in the country, why are they getting the smallest amount of money?

"Soylent Green is people!!!", go look for this movie "Soylent Green" starring Charlton Heston.

Air Cond >_____<

Everyone is asking me, why are you wearing coat in the office?.

The answer is I am not showing off, but the air cond above is freezing me. That air cond is funny, they send some people to fix it, after a while it behaves the same again.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Snakes at Queensbay

Yesterday walking at Queensbay, say a Digi booth where that put snakes. Must be some "Fear Factor" thingy I guess.

They show little snakes
They have big snakes, you can enter the booth if you enter some sort of competition

They have scorpions

They have red chameleon, this one cute

They have tarantula

College of the Dead Part 15

The men in black assault team have just arrived and was shooting at the monster.

Even though they were all shooting at the monster, the monster was too big and the bullets had no effect on the monster. The monster continued bashing the building with his hands.

"S, the monster is too big, we need something big to hurt the monster" said X, while continue shooting at the monster.

"What about that thingy" ask S as S pointed at a big sharp I letter that has fallen from the company billboard.

"Hmm, that might work" said X

X radioed the Leader "You all distract the monster ok"

Then X and S hurried off and lifted the sharp I while the Leader and the others distracted the monster.

Then they threw the sharp I at the monster. The letter hit the monster right in the stomach, cutting it open, then the Leader shot an RPG directly at the cut and the Monster blew up.

"Finally we have stop the zombie attack " sighed X.

"Yes " continued S.

"But the college building is totally destroyed " sighed the Boss

"Ha, they can rebuilt with better facilities then " laughed X.

"You guys can handle from here right? " said X to the Leader

"Yes " said the Leader.

"So S, our work is done, lets go " said X.

X and S walked back to the car park.

"So I guess I see you the next time there is a zombie problem" said X

"Yes " said S.

With that S got into her yellow Fiat Coupe and drove off.

S got on his big bike and rode off..

The end ....for now

Heroes of Final Fantasy

Cloud Strife - Final Fantasy VII

Squall Leonhart - Final Fantasy VIII

Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Java Code

This is only funny if you are familiar with Java and uses messenger emoticons.

in Java, to use Abstract Windows Toolkits you have to add this line

import java.awt.*;

But just now I saw a command that is

import java.swt.*;

in messenger swt is usually associated with this emoticonBut after seeing the code, maybe the command is true, really sweat.

College of the Dead Part 14

The Motivator fell to the ground after being shot.

"S, look around and check his room" said X.

S checked the room and saw a lab for synthesizing the BS material. On the table is a container full of liquid. Then S saw one partially opened door.

"X, over here " called S

X came over and slowly opened the door while S covered him.

Inside the room was the Headmaster, looking very blur and blood on his shirt.

"He attacked me and threw me in here and locked the door. He was crazy with all his talk of taking over the world, thank God you stopped him" said the Headmaster..

The Boss said "We better send you for treatment" and help carry the Headmaster...

"Yes, you better get your injuries treated " said S as S give the Boss a helping hand..

X watched S and the Boss carry the Headmaster, then he suddenly say that the Headmaster is bleeding from the neck, and he slowly reached his MP5.

"You are the monster that attacked us in the tunnel" said X as he raised his gun..

"Yes, I was " said the Headmaster as he suddenly pushed S and the Boss back towards X.

The impact made X, S and the Boss fell to the ground. The Headmaster made a dash towards the lab.

X, S and the Boss quickly got up and chased the Headmaster.

"He locked the door " said S.

S raised the MP5 and shot the door knob. They entered the lab and saw the Headmaster drinking the container full of liquid.

"You are too late already. I am now the Ultimate Zombie " said the Headmaster as he started to grow back into the Monster, only this time bigger in size.

S took out the PDA and said "We better get out, he is going to grow bigger than the building, with all that hot air in the BS material"

X, S and the Boss quickly ran out of the building as the monster continue to grow in size. Soon the monster grew bigger than the building as the building collapse from his size.

X, S and the Boss keep shooting at the monster as the monster started to destroy the college building with his punches.

"He is too big " said the Boss.

"Keep shooting " said X

The monster took apart the college logo and threw it at the shooters. X and S avoided the logo by jumping to the left while the Boss jumped to the right.

Suddenly, some shots rang up from above ...

X looked up and saw a plane pass by with people parachuting down and shooting at the the monster. The men is black team have just arrived ...

to be continued ...

Vampires abound?

Why is the curtain closed? Is someone scared of sun light. I can only think of one thing, Vampires =.=.

Ways to detect a Vampire.
1. They are scared of sunlight.
2. They are scared of garlic and crosses.
3. They have no reflections, maybe that was the reason the toilet don't have mirrors, but have been added recently.
4. They suck blood .......

Erm, the last one maybe cause I kena RM6.50 for my lunch today T.T. Real Vampires.....


These images are taken at my office. I saw the flowers, they are so beautiful but they are so protected, so wonder how long they will survive?

If things are too protected, they will become weak and fragile. To survive, you have to be strong. Stop hiding in your dream world, wake up and smell the roses.

I know Balamb Garden is nice, so is Neverwinter, and Baldur's Gate, but we live in the real world, so please wake up.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

College of the Dead part 13

X opened the door, guns pointed inside. He rushed in, followed by S and then the Boss.

3 of them pointed their guns towards the Motivator, who was sitting in his chair.

"You are the one turning the students into zombies, why?" asked X.

the Motivator gave out a maniac laugh....

"Do you still believe education is an honest job?"

"All the people are in it for the money, get as much money from the students, who cares if they succeed later in life, all we want is their money"

"Then just say we care for them. Just keep saying it until everyone believe us. Who can measure care anyway, and its not how much you care for your students that matter to the upper powers"

"Why give your heart and soul away, when you can take people's soul away. Who cares what happened to them, they themselves never care"

"And the parents just needs a place to dump all the children. I bet they made them by accidents anyway. Those fools, at least use protections"

"Knows how to make babies but don't know how to take care of them"

"But no, that is gonna end soon. I have an ultimate plan to turn them all into zombies, so they will not bother the lecturers anymore. Just come to college and go back. That's all. Don't bother the lecturers and don't make the lecturers angry."

"I am so organized, I am so smart. I have planned for all the possibilities. You must be organized to be successful. My plan is foolproof, cause i am so organized and I know what to do in any events. I cannot fail cause my plan is perfect muahahahahahahaha...."

"So my big shot, what is your plan now?" asked X

The motivator scratched his head and said "Err, I dunno" =.=

"Well, here is my plan " said X

With that X raised his gun and shot the Motivator in the head.

to be continued ..

College of the Dead part 12

S is looking at the PDA monitor and said "X, the original water is contaminated with a high element of BS material, and I only know one place where we can get that big amount of BS from this college"

X said "I think you mean who, and not where right?. I am thinking of the same person at this moment"

"We will pay him a personal visit later. What is your opinion on the cure of the zombie virus" X asked.

"A hard dose of reality will turn back all the zombies into humans" said S.

"Thats easy to do, here is my plan" X said

X plans to turn zombies back into humans.
1. Let the zombies make mistakes in life and fail without anyone saying its ok or impact their fall

2. Let them go work hard task like road sweeping or toilet cleaning to let them know life is cruel.

3. Take away thier cars and let them walk.

4. Cut their internet line and make them pay for their usage.

Ultimate plan if all else fail.


"Ha Ha, nice plan X" said S.

"Now lets go get the source of this problem" said X.

"Wait X, the readers must be confused, the Boss is shooting the zombies on the upper ground of the college but we are talking about the cure here, what the heck?" said S.

"Ah, let me classify the zombies for the reader" said X

Basically there are 2 types of zombies:-
1. The dormant type - blank look, blur look, always confused as the brain is nearly gone, but harmless non the less. Can be cured by a hard knock of reality. You don't really know they are zombies, in fact you might be one.
2. The active type - we kill these ...

"OK, lets get to the source of the problem" said X.

X and S ran back up the tunnel and out of the manhole and run through the college, with zombies bodies everywhere. They ran through the dark corridor to the second floor.

They reached a dark corner, when X suddenly heard someone running this way from the other way. X raised his MP5 and waited.

From the other side the Boss with the AK and his two followers are running towards them.

"We traced where all the zombies are coming from and its coming from here" said the Boss.

X looked in front of the door and written on it is "The Counselor AKA Motivator" on the door.

X and S both raised their MP5 and the Boss prepared his AK47, and the followers their guns.

"Let's go in" said X.

to be continued ...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Toilet Bowl

Just saw this near my office
If we bring the toilet bowl to the cafeteria, we can have like TBowl cafe at Queensbay =.=