Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Toyota Trueno

An old AE86 is selling for 55K? Must be cause of the Initial D comic and cartoon.

Which gives me an idea, why not make a cartoon of our local car to increase the resell price.

Which local car do you think we can feature as a car in our cartoon.
A. Proton Satria GTI
B. Proton Satria Neo
C. Gen 2
D. Proton Savvy
E. Perodua Kelisa
F. Perodua Kancil

Hmm, I think Kancil can fit the bill as I see a lot of Kancil driver drive like crazy =.=

Gimme ur opinion? ^^


Anonymous said...

No. The answer is "Juara".

Our hero's father operates a funeral parlor, and the young talented driver's gauge of his driving skill is whether the dead body at the back of the van will be stirred when he takes sharp corners.

He frequents Mt. Erskine Road, where he trains by first finding a ghost, then insult the unfortunate undead to anger it, and then turn tail and drive like crazy to escape the disturbed specter.

On both sides of the ugly van are stickers that read: "I see dead people".

SMS said...

Ohh, thanks. Forget about the coffin shaped car =.=