Friday, April 18, 2008

College of the Dead Part 15

The men in black assault team have just arrived and was shooting at the monster.

Even though they were all shooting at the monster, the monster was too big and the bullets had no effect on the monster. The monster continued bashing the building with his hands.

"S, the monster is too big, we need something big to hurt the monster" said X, while continue shooting at the monster.

"What about that thingy" ask S as S pointed at a big sharp I letter that has fallen from the company billboard.

"Hmm, that might work" said X

X radioed the Leader "You all distract the monster ok"

Then X and S hurried off and lifted the sharp I while the Leader and the others distracted the monster.

Then they threw the sharp I at the monster. The letter hit the monster right in the stomach, cutting it open, then the Leader shot an RPG directly at the cut and the Monster blew up.

"Finally we have stop the zombie attack " sighed X.

"Yes " continued S.

"But the college building is totally destroyed " sighed the Boss

"Ha, they can rebuilt with better facilities then " laughed X.

"You guys can handle from here right? " said X to the Leader

"Yes " said the Leader.

"So S, our work is done, lets go " said X.

X and S walked back to the car park.

"So I guess I see you the next time there is a zombie problem" said X

"Yes " said S.

With that S got into her yellow Fiat Coupe and drove off.

S got on his big bike and rode off..

The end ....for now


Jwo-Haur said...

Where is Ultraman? T.T

SMS said...

Ultraman is busy at the kindergarten :P