Monday, April 21, 2008

College of the Dead: Aftermath

X is sitting under an umbrella at a beach, in front of him lays a table with a laptop and by the laptop is a mug of iced coke. Next to it is his one balisong. He did ask the leader to search for his missing balisong at the college but he gives little hope of finding it again. "Wait for my birthday" he thought.

"Hmm, S is away on another mission. I wonder how she is now " thought X.

"I better write the report on the college of the dead incident " though X.

Top Secret:

There are a few factors that contributed to the College of the Dead incidents.

1. Burned Out Educators - People think that education is just an easy job compared to Engineers or Doctors, which is not really true. Just look at school teachers for example, a lot of them suffer from some sort of mental illness after teaching for about 20 or 30 years in a system that does not appreciate them.

Recommendation: If you do not have a passion to do this, you might as well quit. If you are just in it it for the money, you might as well be a genius prostitute. No pun intended.

2. Blindly following orders - If the Motivator were alive today (yeah, I shot him, sorry), he would most probably say "I was just following orders of the Headmaster". That happens a lot today, a lot of people when question about certain procedure implemented and cannot justify them, they will mention this line.

Recommendation: There should be a culture transparency and accountability and not pass the buck around =.=

3. Education disarray - There are a lot of confusing orders coming from above. Example: We are now into competency based system and not exam oriented, but at the same time, set there must be at least 70% pass rate in the exam. What the fuck (yeah, i wrote that)

Recommendation: Do you know what the hell you are doing anyway?

4. People in power have no fucking idea what education is - Let politicians be in charge.

Recommendation: Do you know what the hell you are doing anyway?

5. People know how to make babies but do not know how to take care of them. Excuse me teacher, can you please be a surrogate parent for my kids? =.=

When the hell did I fuck with your wife? O________________o

These are come of the factors that leads to the incident of the college of the dead

Sigh, time to get back to my vacation i guess, though X as he send the e-mail to his Boss.

X was just drinking his coke and laying down when he heard a scream, zombie sharks are attacking the swimmers at the beach.

"Here we go again"X grabbed his balisong and ran to the beach.

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