Thursday, April 17, 2008

College of the Dead Part 14

The Motivator fell to the ground after being shot.

"S, look around and check his room" said X.

S checked the room and saw a lab for synthesizing the BS material. On the table is a container full of liquid. Then S saw one partially opened door.

"X, over here " called S

X came over and slowly opened the door while S covered him.

Inside the room was the Headmaster, looking very blur and blood on his shirt.

"He attacked me and threw me in here and locked the door. He was crazy with all his talk of taking over the world, thank God you stopped him" said the Headmaster..

The Boss said "We better send you for treatment" and help carry the Headmaster...

"Yes, you better get your injuries treated " said S as S give the Boss a helping hand..

X watched S and the Boss carry the Headmaster, then he suddenly say that the Headmaster is bleeding from the neck, and he slowly reached his MP5.

"You are the monster that attacked us in the tunnel" said X as he raised his gun..

"Yes, I was " said the Headmaster as he suddenly pushed S and the Boss back towards X.

The impact made X, S and the Boss fell to the ground. The Headmaster made a dash towards the lab.

X, S and the Boss quickly got up and chased the Headmaster.

"He locked the door " said S.

S raised the MP5 and shot the door knob. They entered the lab and saw the Headmaster drinking the container full of liquid.

"You are too late already. I am now the Ultimate Zombie " said the Headmaster as he started to grow back into the Monster, only this time bigger in size.

S took out the PDA and said "We better get out, he is going to grow bigger than the building, with all that hot air in the BS material"

X, S and the Boss quickly ran out of the building as the monster continue to grow in size. Soon the monster grew bigger than the building as the building collapse from his size.

X, S and the Boss keep shooting at the monster as the monster started to destroy the college building with his punches.

"He is too big " said the Boss.

"Keep shooting " said X

The monster took apart the college logo and threw it at the shooters. X and S avoided the logo by jumping to the left while the Boss jumped to the right.

Suddenly, some shots rang up from above ...

X looked up and saw a plane pass by with people parachuting down and shooting at the the monster. The men is black team have just arrived ...

to be continued ...

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Jwo-Haur said...

House-wrecking monsters?

Sounds like a job for Ultramen. By the way, there are a couple of them just across the street. ;-p