Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hunt for the knife shop

I told you all before that the knife shop that i frequent has moved to a new location, Beach Street. It's not only sells knives but fishing equipment and scuba gears too.

My first attempt to look for it last month got me hopelessly lost, and i forget to bring the address.

Today I am more prepared. I have asked around. For those that do no know, Beach Street is where the Income Tax department is, did you submit your tax yet for those qualified?

So I parked at China Street Gat, I think, might be reverse the name. Then walked to find the shop.

Walked pass by two traffic light, finally on the right of the road ...found it

If you are coming from the fire station way, watch for it on the left.

Why do I like to buy knives from this shop, cause it has a respectable feel. Been to those shady knife shop at Prangin Mall, but the seller was scared and kept asking what am I gonna do with the knife =.= . WTF, you sell shady knives but scared when people wanna buy.


Dumbo said...

It's all in the attire.

Imagine yourself to be the owner of a knife shop. Three customers came in, with the following looks:

1) the first is wearing a checkered shirt, a many-pocketed vest (like the one I have) and a pair of old khakis;

2) the second is wearing a leather jacket, a pair of leather pants, and a punk hairdo;

3) the third one wears a trenchcoat and a pair of dark glasses a la Matrix;

4) the fourth guy is wearing what you typically wear: a T with suggestive message, a pair of baggy jeans, and some over-priced sneakers.

Tell me what you imagine each person to be buying knife for.

SMS said...

Hey, that's 4 customers ok =.=

1. This guy is a handyman, wanna use the knife to carve/cut something

2. This guy uses the knife when he is with his gang.

3. This guy wanna go on a killing spree.

4. This forth guy, I have no idea what he will use the knife for.

Jwo-Haur said...

Therefore, you must forgive those shopkeepers who keep asking you what you want your knives for, because, honestly, if you walk into my knife shop, I wouldn't have guessed what you want to do with your knife, either. :-)