Tuesday, April 15, 2008

College of the Dead part 13

X opened the door, guns pointed inside. He rushed in, followed by S and then the Boss.

3 of them pointed their guns towards the Motivator, who was sitting in his chair.

"You are the one turning the students into zombies, why?" asked X.

the Motivator gave out a maniac laugh....

"Do you still believe education is an honest job?"

"All the people are in it for the money, get as much money from the students, who cares if they succeed later in life, all we want is their money"

"Then just say we care for them. Just keep saying it until everyone believe us. Who can measure care anyway, and its not how much you care for your students that matter to the upper powers"

"Why give your heart and soul away, when you can take people's soul away. Who cares what happened to them, they themselves never care"

"And the parents just needs a place to dump all the children. I bet they made them by accidents anyway. Those fools, at least use protections"

"Knows how to make babies but don't know how to take care of them"

"But no, that is gonna end soon. I have an ultimate plan to turn them all into zombies, so they will not bother the lecturers anymore. Just come to college and go back. That's all. Don't bother the lecturers and don't make the lecturers angry."

"I am so organized, I am so smart. I have planned for all the possibilities. You must be organized to be successful. My plan is foolproof, cause i am so organized and I know what to do in any events. I cannot fail cause my plan is perfect muahahahahahahaha...."

"So my big shot, what is your plan now?" asked X

The motivator scratched his head and said "Err, I dunno" =.=

"Well, here is my plan " said X

With that X raised his gun and shot the Motivator in the head.

to be continued ..


Anonymous said...

This was hilarious.

I reckon the motivator shall come back as the headless head-zombie. :-P

Just curious: is there really such a motivator character in Inti?

SMS said...

No, that is fictional. The real character is modified to protect the guilty :P

Anonymous said...

Regarding protection:

I want those sweeties