Thursday, April 17, 2008


These images are taken at my office. I saw the flowers, they are so beautiful but they are so protected, so wonder how long they will survive?

If things are too protected, they will become weak and fragile. To survive, you have to be strong. Stop hiding in your dream world, wake up and smell the roses.

I know Balamb Garden is nice, so is Neverwinter, and Baldur's Gate, but we live in the real world, so please wake up.


Cloud said...

yes balamb garden is my dream school~ *dreamin' MUAHAHA* btw that pokok memang got feel la! located in canteen summore [abit =.=]

truthzz said...

hahaa.... shu yiing balamb garden is a SCHOOL???

SMS said...

Balamb Garden is a place where you train to become SeeD member. Squall Leonhart trained here.