Thursday, April 10, 2008

College of the Dead: The story of X

College of the Dead is taking a break while the zombies, er I mean students are studying for their final exam. Thus I decided to tell a bit of background story of X.

X was born in the year of the Tiger, and according to Feng Shui, he has a lot of Water elements, which made him have a very bad and short temper, usually under control, but when it comes out, its bad.

As a young person, he was idealistic and always courteous, but found out some people don't react to kindness, only understand force. Thus comes his motto "Act in kindness but not scared to be mean, if i have to". Once he almost went crazy, but he was saved by someone who cares for him. Thus after that, he cares a lot for people, once the people gain his trust. For those that don't know him, they will think of him as cold and feeling less.

When X was young, he wanted to learn a lot of martial arts, but the masters find him too violent, so they don't want to teach him. He found one master that is willing to teach him at the university, but the master's principal is if you can avoid a fight, avoid it =.=. So he learned a bit from this master.

X interest of knives started when he watched the movie "Steel Magnolias" where it featured Colonel Jim Bowie and his bowie knife. Only later he found out Jim Bowie is really a famous person. His interest in Balisongs come from a movie he watched but cannot remember the name already. He lookied for a balisong after that, he still has his original balisong but its damaged by now =.=

X prefer to listen to grunge music, especially the days of Nirvana, Sonic Youth and Greed Day. And hsi is a fan of old school rock like Metallica. He would say, if Kurt Cobain were alive today, he will eat up all this Emo..

X especially hates people who talk without thinking and people who think that they are always right and not willing to hear other people's option. Thus X is a bit outspoken and even his boss consider him the voice of the department ( but i prefer to call it heart ). And X have an intense hatred of people who talk behind other people's back.

One of X's weakness is his mood swing, thus he knows he is not suitable in the upper management, otherwise he can be in command of the Men in Black already.

Thus that is a bit of background of X..


Cloud said...

voice of the department pulak =.=....
newayz din noe X is DAT violent til da masterz din wanna teach u *swt*

SMS said...

I am, I mean X is the conscience of the department ...

Anonymous said...


I remember that X's balisong is damaged - in the story. In real life? :-D


If the answer to the above question is "Yes", I would sorely like to know who is that "troll" in real life. :-p