Sunday, August 29, 2010

Latest Fashion from Japan

I was just back from my hometown, turned on my computer and got an SOS from Amy. Need to help her choose the latest dress from

Actually the latest fashion from Tokyo is very nice, and when you convert to Malaysian money, it is just around RM70. WTF, so cheap.

Leopard jacket

Legwarmer that you wear over boots. hmmm.

But I like this dress very much.

Nice right?

Back from hometown...

Last weekend I went back to my hometown cause of the 3 days holiday. Here are some images that I captured while I was at my hometown.

Still a bit tired to write.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Raya is coming

In 13 days time, it will be Hari Raya. I always have mixed feeling about this, I like Hari Raya but I really cannot stand those stupid busybody aunties that like to gossip. Since I have bought a car, I wonder what is the "topic" for this year >.<. Maybe I should color my hair purple first.

Tonight, I went to Queensbay to look for a jeans, since my jeans is really old and faded. I could buy "cheap" Seed jeans, but I still have doubts about the quality. Maybe I should buy Esprit jeans as usual..

Some Raya decorations are already up at Queensbay.

Umm, I think they got the lantern wrong..ha ha

They tried to get the kampung feel, but those things happens only in the TV shows nowadays.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Full moon over Penang

I was up last night and saw a full moon. Tried my best to capture it with my handphone.

Got emo feeling..

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pictures are your memories

Last Sunday I received a call from Amy's dad.He wanted to see all of Amy's pictures in facebook. I was busy that day, so finally yesterday, i managed to save and pass to him the pictures from facebook.

Downloading and looking at all these pictures sure invoke all my memories, so I decided to write about it here. In a sense, pictures are memories too, its just how you remember WHAT actually happened, that depends on your memories.

My first memories of Amy would be in January 2007 in Java class. She likes to read anime during the break and likes Death Note. I still have the Death Note list that she printed.
September 2007, fast forward, she went to study at Hull, and back in Penang at 2008. Then she decided to go to Japan to study the Japanese language in 2009.

Farewell dinner, the Ship, 31-3-2009 with Bijun, Jiahui, Alvin and Melvin.

1-4-2009, TGI Fridays, Confessions of a shopaholic and a purple scarf. Do you still have it?

Memories in Japan, after going through all the pictures.

First Sea Disney trip

School trip

Hanabi taikai 2009

Hanabi taikai 2010

Nagano trip

Sanrio World

Choosing clothes for graduation ceremony.


Till the next posting of memories..

Monday, August 23, 2010

Burger and some random stuff

Have not been updating my blog for a while. Still busy but at the end of it, by tomorrow, I will be a bit free again.

It seems burger is quite popular in Penang, especially the Jelutong one. I did not buy the one at Jelutong, but the one near 7-11 Gelugor is not bad also.

3.70 for beef plus egg plus cheese.. not bad

A few weeks ago, I lost my Swiss army knife after cutting up some boxes. Finally I got a replacement knife, this is my third Swiss army knife, climber model.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm sorry..

These two weeks have been rough on me, with double semesters, marking exam papers and setting this semester's exam questions. Therefore I am not myself, and might not have been able to help you as good as I can.

Therefore, if any of you asked for my help these two weeks and I did not reply, it does not mean that I hate you, but I was just up to my neck in my own problems. Please hang on and I will get back to you as soon as I am able and things get back to normal.

I have been in Penang for over 16 years, and I was considering whether I should look for other opportunities elsewhere? Or try to hang on even more? That's also been bugging me.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Vintage Tokyo subway manners posters

Taken from

Don't throw chewing gum on the platform (September 1976)

Don't forget your umbrella (June 1977)

This poster of the high-class courtesan Agemaki (from the kabuki play "Sukeroku"), whose captivating beauty was said to make men forgetful, is meant to remind passengers to take their umbrellas when they leave the train.

Shimatta (March 1977)

This poster warns passengers against getting their shoulder bags caught in the train doors.

Umbrellas left behind in the subway (June 1976)

This Marilyn Monroe poster aims to remind passengers to take their umbrellas with them when they leave the train. The text in the top right corner -- "Kaerazaru kasa" (umbrella of no return) -- is a play on "Kaerazaru Kawa," the Japanese title for "River of No Return," the 1954 movie starring Monroe.

Do not rush onto the train (April 1979)

This poster advises passengers not to rush onto the train at the last moment. The text (かけこみ禁寺) is a play on the words かけこみ禁止 (kakekomi kinshi - "don't rush onto the train") and かけこみ寺 (Kakekomi-dera - Kakekomi temple), which has long been known as a sanctuary for married women fleeing their husbands.

When the bell chimes, it's too late (April 1977)

This poster, which depicts Cinderella rushing from the ball at the stroke of midnight, is meant to warn passengers against the danger of trying to rush into the train after the departure chime sounds.

Mary is tired (December 1977)

The image of Mary carrying baby Jesus aims to encourage passengers to give up their seats to mothers with small children.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another busy weekend..

I was super busy last weekend marking exam questions, thus wasting my whole weekends marking. Now wondering whether this is worth doing anymore or not.

Back to the fashion show last Saturday, Topman has a lot of cool jackets for their autumn collection, so if you are into jackets, you can head down to Topman and get one.