Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thank YOU for all your birthday wishes :)

I spend last night answering my birthday wishes on facebook, it continued today and I am still getting messages until now. So I would say thank you to all the people that wished me, just in case I missed any of you.

I have been here for quite some time, I remember moving to Sarawak in 79, in 86, a lot of people thought the world was gonna end cause Comet Halley passed by (people thought it was gonna hit earth), 2012, pah. Still remember the Grunge scenes of the 90s with Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Sonic Youth. The fall of the Berlin Wall. The economic crisis of 1997, Y2K and many more.

Your memories are your own and no matter how you tried to explain to people, they will not get it unless they were there, so cherish your memories.

Tonight had dinner to celebrate my birthday alone =.=. So go eat New York Ribs at TGI. Its nice.

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