Friday, August 27, 2010

Raya is coming

In 13 days time, it will be Hari Raya. I always have mixed feeling about this, I like Hari Raya but I really cannot stand those stupid busybody aunties that like to gossip. Since I have bought a car, I wonder what is the "topic" for this year >.<. Maybe I should color my hair purple first.

Tonight, I went to Queensbay to look for a jeans, since my jeans is really old and faded. I could buy "cheap" Seed jeans, but I still have doubts about the quality. Maybe I should buy Esprit jeans as usual..

Some Raya decorations are already up at Queensbay.

Umm, I think they got the lantern wrong..ha ha

They tried to get the kampung feel, but those things happens only in the TV shows nowadays.

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