Friday, August 13, 2010

Been busy lately

Sorry for not updating for quite some time. This week, I was busy with 2 exams and the fasting month has just started on Wednesday, and I was still sick then.

Let me tell you its not fun fasting with a sore throat, and your throat is dry, yet you cannot drink.

First day of fasting, I bought some rice with curry, the rice was nice but the curry was SUPER salty >.<. Damn. At night, found a great place where you can eat food, maybe one day I will show you all.

Second day of fasting, BJ Complex is a great place to go if you want to buy cheap Malay food. There are only a few stalls outside, but the food is nice.

RM5 for fried chicken and 2 veggies

Third day of fasting, bought some orange juice that was bitter. My God, did they even peel the skin off??

Tonight it is raining, so just enjoy the weather..

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