Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pictures are your memories

Last Sunday I received a call from Amy's dad.He wanted to see all of Amy's pictures in facebook. I was busy that day, so finally yesterday, i managed to save and pass to him the pictures from facebook.

Downloading and looking at all these pictures sure invoke all my memories, so I decided to write about it here. In a sense, pictures are memories too, its just how you remember WHAT actually happened, that depends on your memories.

My first memories of Amy would be in January 2007 in Java class. She likes to read anime during the break and likes Death Note. I still have the Death Note list that she printed.
September 2007, fast forward, she went to study at Hull, and back in Penang at 2008. Then she decided to go to Japan to study the Japanese language in 2009.

Farewell dinner, the Ship, 31-3-2009 with Bijun, Jiahui, Alvin and Melvin.

1-4-2009, TGI Fridays, Confessions of a shopaholic and a purple scarf. Do you still have it?

Memories in Japan, after going through all the pictures.

First Sea Disney trip

School trip

Hanabi taikai 2009

Hanabi taikai 2010

Nagano trip

Sanrio World

Choosing clothes for graduation ceremony.


Till the next posting of memories..

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