Friday, May 30, 2008

Patched Jeans

I guess patched jeans are back in season. Taken from Levi Japan Website, Summer 2008

Nice not? ^^

Judging Others

An elephant asked a camel,
'Why are your breasts on your back?'

'Well,' says the camel,
'I think that's a strange question
from somebody whose dick is on his face.

Ballistic Knife

A ballistic knife is a knife that can launch the blade at an enemy. When you pull the trigger it will launch the blade forward. Not very effective in the long run but it can surprise an enemy.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

College of the Dead Replay Part 5

Upon reaching the ground floor, X realized something.

"Damn, we forget to take the chemicals to make the bomb to blow up the generator" said X.

"Never mind, there is a chemical lab on the 4th floor, we can get the chemicals there" said S

"Lets use the lift, it should be faster" said X

X pressed the lift button ...

After waiting 5 minutes, S said "Never mind, i'll run up the stairs and get the chemicals while you wait for the lift"

S ran up the stairs up to the 4th floor to the chemical lab. She took some HCl and Ca in Parafin oil (for those who slept in chem class will regret now). Then she ran down the stairs again.

She found X was still waiting for the lift and drinking a cup of coffee "It took so long that I decided to make myself a cup of coffee =.="

"Let's go to the generator now" said X.

They reached the generator. S handed X the chemicals.

"I'll rig up the things so we can make a bomb" said X.

X found a mineral water bottle and some strings. He cut the strings into two half. He tied the bottle of acid over the main fuse with one half the string. Then he poured the Ca in parafin in the mineral water bottle and tie it over the string that holds the acid bottle.

"X, you used to be an engineer right?" asked S

"Yeah, but its political support engineer. So i left that job. A problem with people that comes from big company is he has a lot of person to order around, but when he go to small company, he finds he has to do all the stuff himself" said X

"What do you think is the criteria of a good company" asked S

"I feel, one, you should not be too proud of yourself until the point that you cannot see your weakness. Then you should appreciate the people who work there, you can find new people but its not the same as the people who have left" asked X

"And if there is a lot of people that hate you more and more, there must be something wrong with you, not the people who dislike you" said X

"And sometimes you have to teach these people a lesson" said X

X took out his knife and punctured the plastic bottle that contains the Ca and let the parafin drip out. When the oil has been drain, the Ca will burn and cut the string that hold the acid bottle. The acid will fall on the fuse. Its sort of a timer (beat that Detective Conan :P)

"Lets get out of here before the generator blow up" said S

S and X rand away from the generator. In 3 minutes there was a huge explosion that blew up the generator.

"What's next?" asked S

To be continued ...

More jeans sample

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Jeans Offer Again

Jeans at special price are back. Here are 2 examples. Contact me if you are interested.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Drug Lord game

If you feel like doing something bad, you can play the Drug Lord game. In this game, you get 3 disciples to help you in some illegal business.

When they have doen enough business, they level up

G Spot

I was walking along Gurney Drive (riding my bike actually) when I saw the sign. First I though my eyes deceive me. Then I did a bit of internet search.

Someone have actually the balls to call it G Spot. Do they know what G Spot means ha ha.

A reference on Wikipedia on G Spot.

In the meanwhile I'll go to BJ Complex (Bukit Jambul Complex). LOL.

Friday, May 23, 2008


If you ever find yourself working with a company name starting with I, you can use these two motto.

In a Positive Light

Come I*** Be An Intellect

In a Negative Light

Come I*** Be An Idiot

If you are a college providing education

Providing Ultimate Knowledge Institute.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tiramisu "inlove"

Today I was in the mood for something sweet, all this nonsense have left a bitter taste in my mouth.

So I went looking for some cakes, looking for some cheese cake, but they were out of cheese cake, so went for Tiramisu instead.

White Lotus Clan

In the old days of kung fu movie, if you walked by a tavern in the daytime and there were lanterns lit, it means the tavern is a front for the White Lotus Cult.

Nowadays also we have those, but now they are using lamps instead of lanterns.

That is in the middle of the day =.=. Someone is going to end up as a diode in their next life.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A trip to Wawasan ...

I went to Wawasan this evening, and the place got a bit of set up. Beautiful place by the sea with colonial looking building..

Me in the lift, hehe, couldn't resist taking picture. At least I know i will not be trapped in there =.=

View in the library by the sea
I was rushing and did not have the chance to take picture up close by the sea.

Note: Some people say that Wawasan was in danger when DAP took over Penang. My honest opinion, you should not mix politics and education. Otherwise close USM too as it was build by the Government =.=

And there are still people enrolling there, cause during my short visit to the RO (Regional Office), there were like 5 inquiries in the short time I was there.

Who's blood is that?

I was walking up the stairs today, and suddenly I saw some suspicious looking materials on the stairs.

Hmm, did a lecturer vomit blood after finish teaching a class, or he/she just found out the increment in salary =.=?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

College Of the Dead Replay part 4

X and S walked out of the dark hall and going down to ground floor.

"X, we better turn off the water source, just in case this place also contain those unholy water thingy" said S

"Good ides S, lets go the washroom and turn off the water source" said X.

X and S went to the washroom and X turned on the tap..

"Hmm, I guess no need to do that, no water now" said X

"Great, a college without power, then without water. Is it some kind of politician or what?" grumbled S.

"Maybe, if people sacrifice a lot, they will say we take note of your contributions. Juz take note until you die la =.=" said X

"True, you must be able to back up what you say, otherwise sooner or later, people will lose confidence in you" said S

"I think lotsa people lose confidence already" said X

"Forget the idiots, even Dr. Mahathir can resign, some more us small people" said S

While they were passing the computer labs, they saw a lot of zombies inside the labs.

"We will be ok if we don't disturb them playing games. Are they playing "People Under Killing Influence" again?" asked X

"I checked that game already, its clean. This one is "Intensely Insane Clown Posse" " said S

X and S reached the ground floor.

"X, what do you intend to do?" asked S

"I intend to blow up the power station that supply power to the college" said X

to be continued ...

Cloud's First Tsurugi

I am still in my FF mood. So if you have watched Advent Children, you would have seen how Cloud's sword split into 6 swords. Just found out its called First Tsurugi (First Sword)

Here is an image on how the swords are connected together.

Looking for Swords

I am currently in my swordy mood, and am wondering have any of you seen the replica of these 2 swords.

Squall's Gunblade

Cloud's Buster Sword

I saw one at Bukit Jambul Complex, but it looks cheap =.=

Monday, May 19, 2008

Organic Coconut Oil

I was walking at Jucso today and I was at the organic food section. Then I saw it.

They were selling a bottle of Coconut Oil (its a small bottle ok) for a FREAKING RM59.90

I have no problem with Jusco selling it. What I have a problem is the price of it. I saw the product was imported from the Philippines.

Let me tell you, at the village we use to make coconut oil for cooking usage. It was a long time ago.

How do you make coconut oil? You take the old coconut and grind it. Then add water and squeeze the stuff to get the santan (coconut milk). After that you cook the santan and leave it to cool. After a few days, the oil will rise to the top, and you have to scoop it out. That my friend, is how you make coconut oil.

And we did not sell if for a freaking RM59 per bottle. Maybe we should start doing it again.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I guess this weapon got its concept from Squall's gunblade. It's been around for a few years but its not that popular. Its a knife that shoots too

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gone Baby Gone

Warning:- This blog contains spoilers about the movie. If you have not watched it or intend to watch it, stop reading.

Some people have the notion that I watch only violent and bloody movie, which is true most of the time, but I also like serious movies, only it gives me headache afterwards, unlike someone I know who loves horror movies, but terrified to go toilet after that =.= . Anyway "Gone Baby Gone" is a surprisingly good movie. Rotten Tomatoes website give it a 93% out of 100% rating.

Its directed by Ben Affleck, yeah the movie actor. The lead is Casey Affleck, who is Ben's brother, for those that cannot make the connection.

Casey stars as a private investigator who specialize in finding missing persons. When a child is kidnapped, the uncle and aunt of the missing child pleaded with him to help since he has street connections that will not talk to the police. A meeting with the mother shows she does not really care about the child and a drug user, but the uncle pleaded to him for help and he agrees.

Meeting his hoodlum friends, it was revealed the mother was out getting high on drugs when the child was taken and not as what earlier she told. Assisted by 2 cops, it was shown further that the mother and her boyfriend was drug carrier for a local drug dealer and cheated him out of $130000. The boyfriend was killed in the streets later.

After questioning the mother, they manage to find the money. Our PI went and talked to the drug dealer, asking for a deal that he will return the money for the missing child. The drug dealer denied kidnapping the child.

The next day, the was a call to the police station asking for the money in exchange for the child. The PI was supposed to deliver the money, but things went wrong, shots were fired, the drug dealer died and the child is thought to have fallen over a cliff and died.

Two months later, another child was kidnapped. Through his streets connection, he found the house of a child molester that was wanted by the police. 2 policeman went with him to the house, one policeman was shot as he was near the front door. Our PI has no choice but to take out his gun and assist the shot cop as the other cop was behind the house.

As he broke through the door, he found the suspect in the room. Upon inspecting the bathroom, he found the body of the child, which prompted him to shoot the suspect at the back of the head. The cops hailed him as a hero.

A few events later, it was revealed that the uncle cooperated with some crooked cops to blackmail her sister for the money, take away the child and put her at a more responsible person care.

Our PI is in a dilemma whether to return the child to the mother or let her stay with people that care for her. In the end, he decided to return her to her mother.

The movie ends with the PI going to visit the mother, she is going out on a date and leaving the child alone again. The PI decided to babysit her. The movie ends with the PI looking at the child who is watching TV alone, thinking whether he made the right decision.

Heavy stuff eh? A great movie to watch and make you think what is right and what is wrong, cause the world is not black and white, but shades of gray.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Straight Razor

In the old days, if you go to the barber's shop, you will most probably see a straight razor. Due to the worries about AIDS and other diseases, the barber stopped using straight razors and started using disposable razors.

But I think straight razors are cool weapons due to the sharpness of it. Just go see the matrix reloaded where the twins uses straight razors as weapon. And think Sweeney Todd :P

Now, people don't use it anymore. Most being sold are just for collections. And its very expensive. This model below is overUSD100.
Wish I can have one. Just for collection.

College of the Dead Replay part 3

X and S were waiting in the meeting room. The meeting were supposed to start at 8 but now its 9.

"Hmm, no one in sight, I wonder where they are? " said S.

"The last time a meeting was this late was after the leadership talked about time management and being punctual. The next day, they were late almost an hour, and when I complained, they say its technical problem. Technical problem my head" grumbled X

"Maybe the students knew about the behavior already, and decided to come late" said S


"This reminded me. A person who is really good need not say that he is good, he will let other people judge that he is good. A good person should not be so arrogant and try to do the things that he thinks is right" said X

Suddenly the room turned dark.

X quickly readied his climber knife while S took out the pda and switched on the pda light.

"I think there is a power trip" said S as she looked around. "There is no threat around".

"Lets get out of the room" said X.

As S and X got out of the room, they saw half the building still has power. And there were multiple fans turned on while no one was around.

"Whoever did this will end up as a diode in their next life" said X

Suddenly the pda that S was holding blinked and there were multiple dots on the screen showing level 3.

"X, there is a sudden rise of zombie infestation on level 3" said S.

"I know what's on level 3, the computer labs are there" said X.

"Follow me to the ground floor S, I know exactly what to do" said X

To be continued ...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

a VERY expensive hand wash

Yesterday: - Was half way writing a C++ code, then there was a power trip. All my program gone, as I did not save yet T.T

Today:- Morning, completed the code again, then got power trip again, but this time I save already first. Then I go to give lecture, when I came back, there was no water =.= and my hand is dirty.

Bought a bottle of mineral water just to wash it. Why so proud of the new building and increasing number if there are so many teething problem?

Maybe it is a sign from God to me.

Tomorrow:- Maybe there is no lecturer to teach you all =.=

Where is the transparency?

It is disheartening that when the Prime Minister talks about transparent this and transparent that, some government agency is still not transparent and act like a fool. I am talking about the Public Service Department of Malaysia. Some of the procedures are damn stupid.

My sister applied a scholarship at the PSD and she got it. The problem is they want her to agree first to accept the scholarship without telling the terms and conditions and even which University they are going to send her. How can you agree with something that you do not have the facts about. I am not being arrogant, but what's the harm of telling the terms and condition first.

Even Hell Girl warns you that you will be going to hell when you die if you break the red string to kill your enemy. =.=

I am a lecturer, and some of my students say they feel cheated after agreeing to the PSD scholarship due to the terms and conditions revealed later. And anyway, its the tax payer's money. I asked a lawyer friend, while he says its legal, i feel its morally wrong.

No wonder we are the ones driving our people away.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Is that me?

Drawing of "supposed to be me " by my friend.

Two things...
1. I don't have a scar on my forehead ok.
2. I would wield a bigger sword, ala Final Fantasy :P

Don't wanna brag, but I am slimmer than that :P

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Call Detective Conan

I don't know how the door can get stuck to the toilet bowl. is it the toilet bowl shifted or the door shifted? Baffled =.=

Updated: 9-5-2008. Just had a terrible notion

Maybe the building shifted o__________________________________________O

Life is like

Life is like a sand castle, easy to build, nice to see but also easy to destroy

Life is like a dandelion, it will take you where the winds blow

Life is like a pineapple, full of thorns around, but sweet inside.

Sorry, feel a bit like "Edgar Allen Poe" tonight =.=

Funny Cartoon

I don't really know why but this cartoon is damn funny to me. I got it from a gaming forum.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Onitsuka Tiger Tai Chi

I was walking in Queensbay and I saw a shop selling Onitsuka shoes. Here, I think Onitsuka is not as famous as Nike or Adidas. Pity they don't have the Yellow Onitsuka Tiger Tai Chi shoes.

The yellow shoes is made famous by 2 movies as it was worn by the 2 stars.

Bruce Lee - Game of Death

Uma Thurman - Kill Bill Volume 1

Just a bit of free promotion for one of the more underrated shoes.

For your information, the yellow suit and Onitsuka shoes in Kill Bill is a tribute to Bruce Lee.

Classic cubicles

These cubicles got the feel of old style Chinese coffee shop, if you know what I mean. I think the youngsters never see the old style coffee shop.

Monday, May 5, 2008

College of the Dead Replay part 2

X has just hung up the phone after talking to the Boss. Then he turned to S who was sitting on the bench by the sea.

"Hmm, those people are collecting zombie shark fins" commented S.

"Yeah, some people will eat anything" said X.

"I just talked to the Boss, and we need people to go undercover to investigate the "Dumb Offspring To Assist" club. I look too old for the job, but it suits you well" said X.

"What a corny name for a club" commented S.

"I'll go in as an auditor, these college always get visited by those F#@$ing auditors who don't know shit about teaching, but can say whether a college is "good" or not. WTF. Maybe I just go in as a visitor" said X

"Oh yes, inform the Leader to be on stand by just in case we need backup" said S

"As we go undercover, lets just bring light weapons, I'll bring my Climber" said X

"And I'll bring my push dagger " said S.

The next day, X and S went to the college. S went wandering around and found the brochure for the "Dumb Offspring To Assist" club.

"Why bother about education? Come join us for a good time (and join us for resiting the exam/retaking the subjects)"

"Our leader is in his final semester, but he manage to get through without learning anything. Want to learn his secret, come to out gathering tonight at the club at 8 pm"

"X, there is a meeting tonight, lets go pay them a visit later" said S to X while they were sitting at the cafe.

"Yeah, yuck, who made this shit" X spit out the food that he just bit.

"ha ha, now you know why i let you ordered first" smiled S.

to be continued ...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

More nature pictures from my home

Went back to my hometown again this week and took pictures for those who appreciate nature.

Monster Spider picture

When a ladybug meets a manbug :P

I wish I had a better camera then the pics will be better. When I was going back, saw some university students with camera using zoom lenses doing the same thing, taking pictures of nature.

Believe it or not, when I was young, I wanna be a nature photographer. Dangerous wild animals? I see wild animals every day at work =.=

Friday, May 2, 2008

New Style Chair

Since everyone is just sitting on it, chairs have been added

Thursday, May 1, 2008

College of the Dead Replay part 1

Since the destruction of the original College and while rebuilding the new one is in process, the Boss has found a job at a software company. X did ask him to join the men in black, but he said he prefer to do that on a part time basis. On that X gave him his phone number just in case of emergency.

As luck would have it, the Boss's office is still next to a college. So he can see students come by day in and day out.

He noticed one very interesting thing. The process of "Zombification" of the students.

First Year :-
1. Innocent Look
2. Respect the parents and lecturer
3. Hard working

Final Year:-
1. Slouch looking
2. Blame the world. Will have attitude and think they rule the world. Some more blame parents for being born and lecturers for teaching them. All talk but no brain =.=
3. Is computer game considered work >.<

It got the Boss interested, why are the students behaving like this. So he did a bit of investigation. It seems that all the students are involved in a society "Dumb Offspring To Assist".

One night, after finishing work, the Boss was heading to his car, then he heard a scream coming from the college. He rushed to the college compound and saw a new student being attacked by 3 zombies.

The Boss rush back to the his car and opened the compartment. Inside the compartment is a balisong that he found under the ruins of the previous college.

Then he rushed back and stabbed the 3 zombies attacking the student.

"Are you ok" asked the Boss

"yes" replied the student..

the Boss checked the zombies bodies and found membership cards of the "Dumb Offspring To Assist" club. On it written "Takeover Imminent 666"

"Hmm, time to call X I guess"

to be continued ..

New Shirt ^^

Since I broke my cufflinks in an accident, I have not worn my Topman shirt with a fake tie. I will wear it again when I get a new cufflinks. But that is another story.

Today is Labour day holiday, so I went walking around. Then saw one shirt I really fancy.

The original price 299, since last week 99, today it was 79 but since I have Esprit card, its only 66. Muahahahahaha. Dun jealous :P

Finally I perfected the style of taking picture in front of mirror that I learn from you ^^V