Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gone Baby Gone

Warning:- This blog contains spoilers about the movie. If you have not watched it or intend to watch it, stop reading.

Some people have the notion that I watch only violent and bloody movie, which is true most of the time, but I also like serious movies, only it gives me headache afterwards, unlike someone I know who loves horror movies, but terrified to go toilet after that =.= . Anyway "Gone Baby Gone" is a surprisingly good movie. Rotten Tomatoes website give it a 93% out of 100% rating.

Its directed by Ben Affleck, yeah the movie actor. The lead is Casey Affleck, who is Ben's brother, for those that cannot make the connection.

Casey stars as a private investigator who specialize in finding missing persons. When a child is kidnapped, the uncle and aunt of the missing child pleaded with him to help since he has street connections that will not talk to the police. A meeting with the mother shows she does not really care about the child and a drug user, but the uncle pleaded to him for help and he agrees.

Meeting his hoodlum friends, it was revealed the mother was out getting high on drugs when the child was taken and not as what earlier she told. Assisted by 2 cops, it was shown further that the mother and her boyfriend was drug carrier for a local drug dealer and cheated him out of $130000. The boyfriend was killed in the streets later.

After questioning the mother, they manage to find the money. Our PI went and talked to the drug dealer, asking for a deal that he will return the money for the missing child. The drug dealer denied kidnapping the child.

The next day, the was a call to the police station asking for the money in exchange for the child. The PI was supposed to deliver the money, but things went wrong, shots were fired, the drug dealer died and the child is thought to have fallen over a cliff and died.

Two months later, another child was kidnapped. Through his streets connection, he found the house of a child molester that was wanted by the police. 2 policeman went with him to the house, one policeman was shot as he was near the front door. Our PI has no choice but to take out his gun and assist the shot cop as the other cop was behind the house.

As he broke through the door, he found the suspect in the room. Upon inspecting the bathroom, he found the body of the child, which prompted him to shoot the suspect at the back of the head. The cops hailed him as a hero.

A few events later, it was revealed that the uncle cooperated with some crooked cops to blackmail her sister for the money, take away the child and put her at a more responsible person care.

Our PI is in a dilemma whether to return the child to the mother or let her stay with people that care for her. In the end, he decided to return her to her mother.

The movie ends with the PI going to visit the mother, she is going out on a date and leaving the child alone again. The PI decided to babysit her. The movie ends with the PI looking at the child who is watching TV alone, thinking whether he made the right decision.

Heavy stuff eh? A great movie to watch and make you think what is right and what is wrong, cause the world is not black and white, but shades of gray.

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