Monday, May 5, 2008

College of the Dead Replay part 2

X has just hung up the phone after talking to the Boss. Then he turned to S who was sitting on the bench by the sea.

"Hmm, those people are collecting zombie shark fins" commented S.

"Yeah, some people will eat anything" said X.

"I just talked to the Boss, and we need people to go undercover to investigate the "Dumb Offspring To Assist" club. I look too old for the job, but it suits you well" said X.

"What a corny name for a club" commented S.

"I'll go in as an auditor, these college always get visited by those F#@$ing auditors who don't know shit about teaching, but can say whether a college is "good" or not. WTF. Maybe I just go in as a visitor" said X

"Oh yes, inform the Leader to be on stand by just in case we need backup" said S

"As we go undercover, lets just bring light weapons, I'll bring my Climber" said X

"And I'll bring my push dagger " said S.

The next day, X and S went to the college. S went wandering around and found the brochure for the "Dumb Offspring To Assist" club.

"Why bother about education? Come join us for a good time (and join us for resiting the exam/retaking the subjects)"

"Our leader is in his final semester, but he manage to get through without learning anything. Want to learn his secret, come to out gathering tonight at the club at 8 pm"

"X, there is a meeting tonight, lets go pay them a visit later" said S to X while they were sitting at the cafe.

"Yeah, yuck, who made this shit" X spit out the food that he just bit.

"ha ha, now you know why i let you ordered first" smiled S.

to be continued ...

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