Thursday, May 1, 2008

College of the Dead Replay part 1

Since the destruction of the original College and while rebuilding the new one is in process, the Boss has found a job at a software company. X did ask him to join the men in black, but he said he prefer to do that on a part time basis. On that X gave him his phone number just in case of emergency.

As luck would have it, the Boss's office is still next to a college. So he can see students come by day in and day out.

He noticed one very interesting thing. The process of "Zombification" of the students.

First Year :-
1. Innocent Look
2. Respect the parents and lecturer
3. Hard working

Final Year:-
1. Slouch looking
2. Blame the world. Will have attitude and think they rule the world. Some more blame parents for being born and lecturers for teaching them. All talk but no brain =.=
3. Is computer game considered work >.<

It got the Boss interested, why are the students behaving like this. So he did a bit of investigation. It seems that all the students are involved in a society "Dumb Offspring To Assist".

One night, after finishing work, the Boss was heading to his car, then he heard a scream coming from the college. He rushed to the college compound and saw a new student being attacked by 3 zombies.

The Boss rush back to the his car and opened the compartment. Inside the compartment is a balisong that he found under the ruins of the previous college.

Then he rushed back and stabbed the 3 zombies attacking the student.

"Are you ok" asked the Boss

"yes" replied the student..

the Boss checked the zombies bodies and found membership cards of the "Dumb Offspring To Assist" club. On it written "Takeover Imminent 666"

"Hmm, time to call X I guess"

to be continued ..


Maple said...

I don't know why but "Boss" sounds like Mr.Justin to me ... is it?? Hehe!

SMS said...

hehe, than who is X? and S? O.o

Jwo-Haur said...

So... you found "Lost"?