Monday, May 19, 2008

Organic Coconut Oil

I was walking at Jucso today and I was at the organic food section. Then I saw it.

They were selling a bottle of Coconut Oil (its a small bottle ok) for a FREAKING RM59.90

I have no problem with Jusco selling it. What I have a problem is the price of it. I saw the product was imported from the Philippines.

Let me tell you, at the village we use to make coconut oil for cooking usage. It was a long time ago.

How do you make coconut oil? You take the old coconut and grind it. Then add water and squeeze the stuff to get the santan (coconut milk). After that you cook the santan and leave it to cool. After a few days, the oil will rise to the top, and you have to scoop it out. That my friend, is how you make coconut oil.

And we did not sell if for a freaking RM59 per bottle. Maybe we should start doing it again.

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