Sunday, May 11, 2008

Is that me?

Drawing of "supposed to be me " by my friend.

Two things...
1. I don't have a scar on my forehead ok.
2. I would wield a bigger sword, ala Final Fantasy :P

Don't wanna brag, but I am slimmer than that :P


Dumbo said...

Ah, mon ami, let me explain:

1) The scar: it is an intimidation factor. With a good makeup artist, you can have a nasty-looking one before going into the killing field (or exam hall, as some people call it);

2) The katana: my mistake. I started out wanting to draw that huge blade in the original version, or the huge machine gun as the Punisher would carry sometimes, but I got lazy... :-p

3) The fatness: it is called a caricature, mon cher; exaggeration is a must. ;o)

Besides, if I can help it, everyone in the world should be hideously OBESE (that is my ultimate evil scheme: if you can't slim down, make everyone else join you. Mua-ha-hahaha).

Dumbo said...

"Is that me?"

No. That is Grumpy the dwarf in an alternate universe where Snow White could not be resuscitated by Prince Charming's kiss, so Grumpy goes on a killing spree in the evil queen's castle to avenge Snow White, a la "Kill Bill".


He did not wear the yellow jumpsuit because it makes him look fat. :-D