Tuesday, May 20, 2008

College Of the Dead Replay part 4

X and S walked out of the dark hall and going down to ground floor.

"X, we better turn off the water source, just in case this place also contain those unholy water thingy" said S

"Good ides S, lets go the washroom and turn off the water source" said X.

X and S went to the washroom and X turned on the tap..

"Hmm, I guess no need to do that, no water now" said X

"Great, a college without power, then without water. Is it some kind of politician or what?" grumbled S.

"Maybe, if people sacrifice a lot, they will say we take note of your contributions. Juz take note until you die la =.=" said X

"True, you must be able to back up what you say, otherwise sooner or later, people will lose confidence in you" said S

"I think lotsa people lose confidence already" said X

"Forget the idiots, even Dr. Mahathir can resign, some more us small people" said S

While they were passing the computer labs, they saw a lot of zombies inside the labs.

"We will be ok if we don't disturb them playing games. Are they playing "People Under Killing Influence" again?" asked X

"I checked that game already, its clean. This one is "Intensely Insane Clown Posse" " said S

X and S reached the ground floor.

"X, what do you intend to do?" asked S

"I intend to blow up the power station that supply power to the college" said X

to be continued ...

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