Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Where is the transparency?

It is disheartening that when the Prime Minister talks about transparent this and transparent that, some government agency is still not transparent and act like a fool. I am talking about the Public Service Department of Malaysia. Some of the procedures are damn stupid.

My sister applied a scholarship at the PSD and she got it. The problem is they want her to agree first to accept the scholarship without telling the terms and conditions and even which University they are going to send her. How can you agree with something that you do not have the facts about. I am not being arrogant, but what's the harm of telling the terms and condition first.

Even Hell Girl warns you that you will be going to hell when you die if you break the red string to kill your enemy. =.=

I am a lecturer, and some of my students say they feel cheated after agreeing to the PSD scholarship due to the terms and conditions revealed later. And anyway, its the tax payer's money. I asked a lawyer friend, while he says its legal, i feel its morally wrong.

No wonder we are the ones driving our people away.

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