Sunday, May 4, 2008

More nature pictures from my home

Went back to my hometown again this week and took pictures for those who appreciate nature.

Monster Spider picture

When a ladybug meets a manbug :P

I wish I had a better camera then the pics will be better. When I was going back, saw some university students with camera using zoom lenses doing the same thing, taking pictures of nature.

Believe it or not, when I was young, I wanna be a nature photographer. Dangerous wild animals? I see wild animals every day at work =.=


Dumbo said...

***Kampung Scenes***

[Picture 1]


I had a sweet, peaceful dream
of blue sky reflected in quiet stream
broken free from the cold glass panes
of skyscrapers crowding city lanes

It flew over the vast green land
stretching its pale blue expand
and I could hear it sing--
a song carried on the warm breeze's wings

[Picture 2]

Country Lane

Lead me where you will
lead me to your land of dreams
a home - a smile - peace--

Say, can I borrow your two pictures here and post it in my blog together with this here the verse and the haiku that just popped out of nowhere? :-)

***Monster Spider***

I think you should submit this to the Star.

And if you get the RM50 prize, buy me a nice, good lunch that I can write about in my blog. :-)


***Ladybug vs. Manbug***

The manbug is out of focus, again. :-(

Not so close to your lens, brother.

Get an IXUS or something.


About childhood dream - *sigh* - don't get me started. :-(

By the way, you could still be a nature photographer. All you need are:

1) A good SLR. Nowadays they have digital SLR. Not as good as the real thing, probably, but hey, good enough for weekend-photographers, I think;

2) The determination to forgo your customary weekend visits to the malls, and head for some place greener instead;

3) The determination to forgo your future expensive new clothes, to buy the aforementioned good SLR instead. ;-)

SMS said...

yes, you can borrow those 2 pics. or you want me to send the originals?

Dumbo said...

Many thanks. I can "save picture as", I think. :-)