Sunday, November 30, 2008

New shirt for new adventure..

I have not bought a shirt for quite a long time. My last shirt is mr River Island in July 2007. Since I require new shirt for my next adventure (only a few people knows what this means) and there is a sale now, its time go get a new shirt.

A good shirt should be confortable to wear, not stick to your body or generate static when you wear it. And its not about brands ok. A British India shirt that cost 700 is not my taste since its linen, and linen tends to stick to your body especially when you sweat. And its especially important if you wanna wear it from 8.30am to 8.30 pm, the main concern is the material.

So off to Gurney to get 1 shirt. Since I always recommend Savile Row, time to get one. There are 2 candidates.

Guess which one I bought?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Rashomon: Short Story

The movie Rashomon is based on 2 short stories called "Rashomon" and "In The Grove" by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa.

Rashomon (Short Story)

The story recounts the encounter between a servant and an old woman in the dilapidated Rashōmon Gate, where unclaimed corpses were sometimes dumped.

The man, a lowly servant recently fired, is contemplating whether to starve to death or to become a thief to survive in the barren times. When he goes upstairs - after noticing some firelight there, he encounters the woman, who is stealing hair from the dead bodies in the second floor. He is disgusted, and decides then that he would rather take the path of righteousness even if it meant starvation. He is furious with the woman.

But the old woman tells him that she steals hair to make wigs so she can survive. In addition, the woman whose body she is currently robbing cheated people in her life by selling snake meat and claiming it was fish. The old woman says that this was not wrong because it allowed the woman to survive -- and so in turn this entitles her to steal from the dead person, because if she doesn't, she too will starve. The man responds "You won't blame me, then, for taking your clothes. That's what I have to do to keep from starving to death." He then brutally robs the woman of her robe and disappears into the night.

Cool Story ^^

"In the grove" is basically the same story line for Rashomon the movie.

Rashomon: The mystery

I reviewed the rashomon dvd again and found one interesting fact.

The man was armed with a sword and a bow and arrows.
The wife was armed with a small expensive dagger.
The bandit was armed with a sword.

When the man's body was found, the woodcutter testified that NO weapons were found near the body.

When the bandit was caught, they found 2 swords, a bow and arrows.

The bandit's testimony

The wife dropped the dagger during the struggle.

If so then the woodcutter would see it when he found the body.

The wife's testimony

She stabbed the man with that dagger.

If so then the woodcutter would see it sticking on the man's body.

The dead man's testimony

He committed suicide with the dagger.

If so then the woodcutter would see it sticking on the man's body.

All these 3 testimonies is under the assumption that the woodcutter is telling the TRUTH on how he found the man's body. But he claimed he did not see any weapon. The woodcutter revised story still involves the dagger which she used to free the man and then drop on the ground.

So where did the dagger disappear to? Unless the woodcutter was the one who took it, which makes his story now under doubt.

But where's the education?

It seem Laureate have send letters to parents of students studying under Inti.

Tze Yin's Blog:

In the letter it was mentioned

"You will soon also see a fresh, revitalised and integrated advertising, communications and marketing strategy ..................."

Asimo Dancing

Asimo Running Faster

For better images and videos visit Tze Yin's blog. Her camera better than mine T.T

Asimo Running

Enter the Asimo

I will upload more videos tomorrow. Going back d. Today got training.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

New shirt

After the Doraemon thingy I walked again, hey its 4 and a half hours wait ok =.=. Then I saw 1 shirt that I llike ans since the price is reasonable, I decided to buy it.

To all my enemies

Doraemon at Queensbay

I waited a long time for Asimo to arrive so walked around, then I saw

Another Japanese robot at Queensbay ^^. Its near the shop that sell Converse shoes.

Asimo at Queensbay

Salute to the engineers that build Asimo first.

Asimo stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility. It is a Honda robot and is at Queensbay from Today until Sunday.

Interesting Facts:-
It has 2 cameras for eyes and can judge the distance of objects using it.
It has microphones in the head so it can receive command and determine where the sound is coming from.
It runs on 51.8V lithium ion battery which can last for an hour.
It has sensors to detect object within 3 meter range.
The body is magnesium alloy covered in plastic resin. Its just 54 kg. (I asked TY to join me, we plan to kidnap it ^^).

I reached there around 1 pm and the robot is gonna appear at 5.30 pm. Great, so walked around first. After walking for a few hours, I went down again at 4.45 and there was quite a lot of people already. I managed to get quite front row. It was like waiting for a superstar, where people are standing around waiting. I would not wait for a superstar unless its S.H.E wahaha. Juzt kidding Ok =.=

Like a concert
They have this competition where 6 winners can take picture with Asimo personally. The competition is to assemble paper model of Asimo. I did not enter ha ha.

Finally the little guy arrived.

I have TONS of video which I will upload tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


If people accuse me of only watching b-grade movie, anime and hentai I can prove them wrong. Today I bought the DVD Rashamon which is very hard to find and costs me RM10. Rashomon does not have anything to to with Doraemon, Digimon or Pokemon ok =.=

Rashomon is a classic black and white movie by Akira Kurosowa. It was made in 1950 and still regarded as one of the best movie ever.

The Storyline:

A man was seeking shelter from the rain and got into the Rashomon temple. There a woodcutter and a monk was sitting, looking confused and dazed of the incident that happened 3 days ago.

Apparently a man was killed and the incident at the court shook them up.

It was the woodcutter that found the body

The monk met the victim and his wife on the road before the incident.

Then they caught the bandit that was supposed to kill the man.

The Bandit's story:
He saw the man and his wife passed by and was mesmerized by the man's wife. So he tricked the man, ambushed him and tied him to a tree. Then he raped the man's wife but he has no intention of killing the man. However after that..

which leads to ..After a fierce battle, the bandit managed to kill the man.

Case closed? Next the wife testified

According to her, the bandit left them alone after thet but the husband was giving her afunny stare

which leads to her stabbing him..

Ok, at this stage we have one murder and 2 confessions. The judge is blur so its time to call the CSI. Unfortunately there are no CSI in olden days, but they have something better than CSI. A medium to called the dead man to testify.

The dead man's story:-
The bandit managed to convince the man's wife to follow him and leave the man on the condition that the bandit must kill the man..

The bandit was shocked at this request and wanted to kill the wife instead but she got away. Then he released the man but later the man commited suicide.

Case closed? Back at the temple the monk said that dead man don't tell lies but another said dead man maybe lie to protect thier name. At this moment the woodcutter was upset and said they were all lying because he saw what really happened.

The woodcutter's story:
The bandit was asking the man's wife to follow him but the wife said its not her decision and thus released the man. Unfortunately the man does not want to fight for his wife's honor.

Then the bandit also feel reluctant to fight over the woman.

Thw wife was laughing at her husband that he cares so much about his honor but dare not fight about it and the bandit was useless also..

Both men were ashamed and thus start the fight over honor between not so honorable men..

Great stuff for a movie using flashback technique and better than Vantage Point.

If there were a remake, I wish that Quentin Tarantino would direct it ha ha.

If you like my review, I would appreciate it very much if you click on some of the ads on the right. At least I can make some money. Thanks.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What your ex student think of you.

The Guard Dog and the farm...

Once upon a time, a guard dog lived in a farm. The work of the guard dog is to look after the sheep and guide the sheep back to the farm. The dog was happy and so are the sheep.

But the owner was thinking "Hmm, to improve quality, I can use the dog to do the wake up call to all the sheep in the farm". The dog said nothing and did the added work even though it has nothing to do with the well being of the sheep.

The owner is still not satisfied. "Hmm, to improve quality even more, why don't I ask the dog to paint the fence". The dog said nothing and did the added work even though it has nothing to do with the well being of the sheep.

One day the owner was reading the newspaper. According to a study, a high quality farm should have an even distribution of this sheep, average sheep and fat sheep. Then he look at his sheep and found out that is not following the normal distributions.

So he asked the dog "Why are all my sheep so fat, make some of them thin to comply with quality"

The dog said nothing.

A 2 months from that day, the owner woke up one morning and found out that the dog has ran away to another farm..

"That ungrateful dog, after all I have done for him" grumbled the owner of the farm

Survivor Series 2008

I am not gonna talk about Survivor Series, I just wanna share my thought of the matches.

Team HBK beats team JLB. For those uninitiated, HBK stands for Heart Break Kid (Shawn Micheals). I cannot believe that they try to put the Great Khali as a babyface. They tried to make him a monster before but got the chant "You can't wrestle" and "boring".

In case you are wondering, he is the tallest/biggest guy there and have limited wrestling move. His move are limited to hitting someone on the head and a nerve grip which he holds someone's neck. In the end its team HBK that won with HBK, Mysterio and Khali surviving. And Mysterio is still underused even with all his abilities =.= (he's the one with the mask ok).

Raw Diva vs Smackdown Diva. Huh, who won the match? I was preoccupied and did not really pay attention to the match wahahaha. But Natalie Neidheart (Natalya) was good. In case you are wondering, she is the daughter of Jim "The Anvil" Neidheart.

Undertaker vs Big ShowCasket Match. The point of this match is to put your opponent in a casket and close it. How many times they wanna put Big Show vs Undertaker. I still remember the match from Wrestlemania 2002. Zzzzzzzzz. Undertaker won.

Team Randy Orton vs Team Batista. Simply the best match of the series. Both Orton and Batista are fighting for the position on the contender for the heavyweight championship belt. The match went back and forth until it was 4 on 1 where Batista is the only one left in his team. A normal script would have Batista "power up" and beat 4 persons but luckily the script writer did not do that. And they did not also make the script where Randy Orton won by cheating. I would say the ending is creative.

The ending was Batista was beating up Cody Rhodes at the ropes and was about to powerbomb him. Orton made a fast tag to Cody without Batista noticing. Cody was powerbombed but the ref did not make the official count as Randy was the legal man. Batista got up and got RKO-ed as he
got up and turned behind.

HHH vs Vladimir Kozlov vs Jeff Hardy (injured in storyline before the match). WWE is not UFC so do not make your wrestler Kozlov like UFC fighter. Zzzzzz, until Edge came out as the 3rd opponent. Edge is one of the best "bad guy" around and the fans hate him like hell. On a personal note, he wrote a book Adam Copeland On Edge. Adam Copeland is his real name. I read the book and its quite good.

Anyway Edge won, and I hope they don't start that storyline with the Undertaker again =.=

John Cena defeated Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Championship. A lot of people dislike Cena for his "lack of wrestling ability" but remember Hulk Hogan with his "power ups" and legdrop finisher?. This guy can do better than that ok.


Curi this picture from someone's facebook, but we have one in Penang also. at Gurney new Wing.

Just realized a lot of people don't get this. Think!!

Random Thoughts

I went back to my hometown last Saturday. I reached the bridge at around 2.30 pm and there was a huge traffic jam. It took me around 30 minutes to get through and it seems at the Butterworth side, a lorry skidded and hit the barrier of the bridge and the container block one side of the road, so there was only 1 side available for the vehicles to pass. When I read the papers on Sunday it seems that the jam lasted until 7.30 pm and reached until Jalan Masjid Negeri. That's Penang for you, and that's why I still use a bike even if it scares the hell out of me sometimes, I must admit.

Off day. Was looking at the renovation of my house at my hometown. It will be done in a week's time.

On leave so off to Gurney. Walked around and saw a few interesting things.

1. Intimas
This term is only known to students that study at the college. If you walked carefully in Gurney new wing, you will see the shop Intimas. People istudying in UK should know what this shop sells, but for the benefit of people that does not know, it sells bras and panties. I wanna take a pic but too many girls in the shop and i dont want to look like a hentai so i just took from far. Its not so clear, but I have a clear picture ifrom uk, but its in my other computer so later ok. Then I remembered one person's comment, a bra is a barrier between men and the good stuff. sweat =.=

2. Giordano Jeans
I saw one cool Giordano jeans but when I saw the price, it's as expensive as a Levis now. Hmm, must consider first.

3. Seed shirt
A white shirt with fake bracers. For those that are not familiar with that term, its suspenders. Not underwear ok. the thing that you put on your shoulder and clip the other side to your pants. Back to the shirt, It have fake bracers on the front side only but non on the back side.

4. Stormriders: Clash of Evils :-
Do not watch this movie if you are not familiar with the Stormrider universe otherwise you will be super blur. Suddenly Nameless appear, suddenly Mud Buddha appear.

If you are familiar with the Stormrider storyline, than its a nice movie.

5. Esprit shirt with drawn fake tie.
If you have a black Esprit shirt with white fake tie, you might be interested in this new shirt, its a black shirt with loose tie drawn on it. Sorry, no picture yet (unless I decide to buy it). Anyone interested?

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Need to use non-lethal force? One of the most efficient weapon that you can use is a slapjack.

The strap is so that the club does not fly off your hand.

For longer reach, you can hold at the strap.

Video of the club in action.

Recommendations for Christmas part 3

For those that live at the high end of live, I have 2 recommendations for Christmas....

The Darn FCUK shirt - ha ha. Its 65 pounds

Paul Smith jeans, 195 pounds.

Recommendations for Christmas part 2

Last night I had a little accident. While I was walking along the shop houses, my shirt got caught by a stray nail on the wall and the hand was torn a bit (the shirt, not my hand =.=). Totally pissed off, now I have to buy new shirt (I only buy shirt when one is really torn/damaged). Never mind, I will worry about that later.

Part 2 shows cheaper clothes from the Saville-Row brand. But if you want to buy it in Malaysia, it will cost you around RM300 for a shirt. WTF

Its only 20 pounds in UK and they have size until XXL.

The pants comes up to size 40. If you wear bigger that size 40, you better go to a custom tailor.