Friday, December 31, 2010

Last day on the left

Ahem, I mean one more day left for the year 2010. That title was a reference to the "Last house on the left" movie.

Today was a public holiday since Malaysia won some football cup. Actually I was already on leave, so now have to cancel my leave and it ruined my plan a bit since there was a lot of people around.

Early morning work up and ate breakfast. FML, the price has increased a bit.

I went to Gurney and it seems the Chinese New Year decorations are already up.

I spend my day sitting by the road and watch cars pass by.

On a lighter side, there is a new game at the arcade called Razing Storm. Only later I found out its from the Time Crisis series. Its a cool game, imagine shooting with loud rock music playing. And I absolutely love the guns.

In the evening, it looked like it was going to rain. Hopefully those at Padang Kota celebrating the new year does not get soaked.

A Happy New Year to everyone.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 by months

Its one more day for the year 2010, and then its a new year, 2011. Many things happened in 2010, some of them you want to remember, and some are better off forgotten. Hopefully we learn something from these incidences.

January 2010
Attack on churches by some misguided people. Hopefully people have learned that violence does not solve anything. Everything can be discussed if people are willing to listen.For those that were eager to fight, I would recommend
1. Go hungry for a few days. Our grandparents lived through the Japanese occupation eating tapioca, and you eat McD or KFC, and think you are ready to fight.
2. Take an knife and cut your hand, let the wound be there without applying any antiseptics

February 2010
Adele's open house for Chinese New Year.

March 2010 
Final Project Presentation.

April 2010
I got an oppai pudding from Japan, given to me by

May 2010
My car. Finally bought one. So far I am happy with it.

June 2010
Memories overload

July 2010
Gathering at Nando's


Final Project Presentation

August 2010
House of the dead 4 ranking

September 2010

Got locked out of the office.

October 2010
My friend JH Hong slipped into a coma after suffering a stroke.

November 2010
After a month in coma, my friend JH Hong passed away. May God rest his soul.
JH Hong on the right. Picture used with permission of the owner.

December 2010
I am looking for my destiny.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Some water plants

The irrigation channels at my hometown is full of water because its padi planting season. Spotted some interesting plants in the water.

Hometown again

I was back at my hometown for some rest..

Every time I go for a walk, my cat will definitely follow me. Sometimes I wonder whether its really a cat or a dog.
 Follow me until faint.

Its padi planting season at my hometown.
Actually I have more pictures, but the line too slow tonight, so I'll upload it another day then.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Cosplayers on Christmas.

OMG, they are everywhere. Bon Odori, Halloween and even Christmas. I was minding my own business at the video arcade when I saw these people.
Help promote the shop a bit, actually I have no idea who the characters are.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Lady Ninja Kaede

I was browsing through some DVD at the shop when I saw this DVD. I knew I was in trouble because I have a soft spot with movies that have the word "Lady Ninja", "Highschool Girl", "Chainsaw" or "Zombie". So I decided to buy it.
Lady Ninja Kaede is a ninja with big boobs that seems to pop out when she jumps. That is the main attraction of the movie. Even on the trailer ther mention her vital statistics.
Ahem, back to the story. In the era of the shogun, there was a rise in sex crimes.
A female ninja, imprisoned by the Shogun who fears her skill hear the news with trouble. Her attack style is sexual attack. She is not really imprisoned but confined to a temple.
I always thought Japan was a bit cold to wear like that???
Um, I don't think that's how you heal chest pain. Anyway she tries her charm on her guard which does not work for some reason that will be revealed later. Ok, he is gay.

Meanwhile, two sisters
She is married to an ex-samurai.
One day while visiting Kaede, she was attacked and raped by an unknown attacker.
That's the most fake looking sword that I have ever seen.
Later she committed suicide.
It was revealed later that her husband betrayed her and sold her off, and he has done this twice before. Now he set his target to Kaede and decided to kill his contact that knows his secret.
Meanwhile the ninja at the temple read about it in the local "newspaper" and decided to investigate.
Meanwhile the ex-samurai was about to kill his contact but was interrupted by the ninja.
Ninja interrogation techniques. Really WTF.
She does have nice breasts

Get ready for more WTF moment
Isn't there an easier way of getting confession, like crush his fingers or burn his testicles?

The ex-samurai denied it and Kaede believed him but the ninja has still another trick up her sleeve.
The ex-samurai makes his move on Kaede.
Actually its not a ghost but the ninja in disguise.
They wanted to capture him alive.
Kaede stabbed the ex-samurai and was arrested for murder which brings a death sentence.
They faked her execution and the sex punisher division was set up, to punish sex offenders.

Thus start the story of Lady Ninja Kaede. Actually its better than Lady Ninja Kasumi in its story lol.

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