Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kodomo no Kodomo

I have seen a lot of weird shit in Japanese movies. Monsters with tentacles, breast drill, ass katana, people cut in half by chainsaw, tengu milk, oh did I mention tentacles? But when I heard of this movie, it did creep me out a bit.

Literally translated as "Child of a child". Based on the adaptation of Akira Saso’s manga series Kodomo no Kodomo, Haruna Amari plays an 11-year-old 5th grader (also named Haruna) who gets pregnant. Whoa, did I read that right, you said. Yup, its true, its true. The pregnancy is a result of an "experiment" between Haruna and her male friend Hiroyuki. Far fetched you say, like in or not, people have sex every day and this is the consequences of their action.

I think if you look at the trailer, its not as sleazy as it sounds, and may even be a moving story. It actually bringing to light the issue of teen pregnancy and portraying its effects on the parents-to-be and their family. 

Here is the trailer.

Here is the teaser.

Birth scene, nothing sleazy here.

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