Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Fashion Week at Queensbay.

Today there is 4 Fashion shows at Queensbay, at 3pm, 4pm, 5pm and 6pm, featuring clothes from Nichii, Kitschen, Marry Merry and Xixili. I was there for all the 4 shows. Have 173 pictures with me but its impossible for me to upload them all to my blog. So I choose the best of the best.

 Why do you have to bring Barbie in this fashion show?

The stage

3.00 pm, the show starts with the brand Nichii, which makes clothes for women, but now it seems that they have the men's line. Maybe I should try them on.

They have the men's line also. Its not bad at all.

4.00 pm. Kitschen's turn. This is a new shop that just opened a few months ago. They have men and women's clothes.

For the guys

5.00 pm - Hey, they started early and I was up at the arcade, so missed some of the show. Marry Merry.

Last year I went to eat at TGI and cannot get a good shot at the last show, a lingerie show, that's not going to happen again this year. And since they start at 6, I was there from 5.30 waiting and guarding my spot. So as you see these picture, remember what I had to go through to get it.

6.15 pm Xixili lingerie show.

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