Saturday, December 18, 2010

What do you think is the job of a lecturer?

I cannot sleep last night, but there was a beautiful full moon outside my window. Have not seen such a clear and beautiful sky.
So when I cannot sleep, my mind will wander and think of more serious stuff. Which will cause insomnia for me more.

What is the job of a lecturer? Everyone I see think that teaching is an easy job. Just come to college and teach, then go back and rest. And since Malaysia has a lot of public holiday, lecturers also get a lot of holidays. I have one word for you, bullshit.

The tasks of lecturers now, especially in private colleges, does not include teaching only. We need to do marketing, ISO paperwork and even telemarketing (which I refuse to do). Do research? Try doing research after teaching 24 hours per week, if you still have the energy.

We also need to prepare exam questions and make sure its not too hard or too easy, and is acceptable by the moderators. Some moderators are a pain in the ass, 1 semester said there are too many questions, and the same person will say too few questions the next semester. WTF. Exam invigilation. We have be security guards that follows the students to toilet. Don't get started with the bag tagging incident. First, the bags are left outside the exam hall, then someone lost their bag, later bring in the exam hall, still disappear, finally now tag the bag, which will cause havoc when the students want to leave.

We also have to answer why the students gets low marks for the final exam. How the hell do I know why the students only answer half of the questions. High coursework mark? If I were very serious, I would say 70% would fail. And you need to get a certain passing rate, like 70%. 

I am tired, I'll continue my rant another day.

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