Sunday, December 12, 2010

Owl's Castle

This is an excellent Ninja movie, compared to all the stupid "Lady Ninja Kasumi" series. I highly recommend this movie to everyone out there if you can find it. Its kinda old movie so you might have problem finding it.

Lord Nobunaga is afraid that the ninja of Iga will stop his ambition to rule over Japan, so he send his army to destroy the ninja of Iga.
10 years later. The trouble starts when Hideyoshi only son passed away, leaving no heir.
He was so sad that he cut off his hair.

The other lords followed to show their "loyalties".
 Then the scheming starts between the lords.
Hattori Hanzo is one of Japan's most famous ninja.

Meanwhile Hideyoshi has declared war against Korea.

One of the Iga ninja that survived the attack 10 years ago lives in seclusion until his master summons him with a new mission.
This is so true, a lot of people should really watch this movie.
One of the lords is up to no good.

On his way, he was attacked by some assasins.

He met the person that hired him, Lord Sokyu
This the girl that hired people to attack him earlier.

The other surviving Iga ninja runs some sort of circus, but at night they sabotage the city to destabilize the rule of Hideyoshi.

One of the ninja of Iga has joined the government and became their enemy.

Meanwhile the girl has a message for the ninja.
Who's side is she on is not revealed yet.

On the roof, he was net by Gero Shobei, who now works for the government.
The lords were discussing the current events.

One of them decided to call Dogen of the Koga ninja.
 Most of the Iga ninja was killed by Dogen.
So Juzo layed low again.

In the meanwhile, Hideyoshi is going to have a child again, thus the lords plotting against him have second thoughts.
So Lord Tokugawa was behind the plot, since it has been delayed, everyone that knows of it must die.
They were going to the city when they decided to split up.

Juzo met Gohei

While the rest met Dogen and were killed.

Juzo defeated Dogen but was injured by Gohei with a dart. Actually they all worked for different people with different interests.

He was saved by the lady ninja.

Meanwhile Gohei and his lord plan to capture Juzo so they have leverage over Lord Tokugawa.

The house was attacked but Juzo and the girl managed to escape.
I love the knife's hiding place.

Juzo want's to try one last time to kill Hideyoshi

He managed to sneak in the castle and had a very interesting conversation with Hideyoshi, all aspiring politician MUST watch this

What is political power. Hideyoshi nicely sums it up.

Juzo did not kill Hideyoshi but while he was escaping, he was attacked by Gohei.
They were fighting, Juzo managed to escape but Gohei was arrested by the castle guards
If you watched "Mission Impossible" series, you will know what happens next. Of course the lord would deny and involvement in any spying.
Excuses are made.

Even Hideyoshi played along and Gohei was executed as Ishikawa Goemon.

Juzo and the girl decided to retire from the martial arts world. Eh, sorry, wrong movie. That's the "One armed swordsman" :)
The reason I did not get married

At the moment Hattori Hanzo shot the master with a poison dart.

Thus Juzo and the girl live peacefully, yet under the watchful eyes of Hattori Hanzo until the death of Hideyoshi 4 years later.
Now that's a great movie, period. Pity a lot of people never heard of it.

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