Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All I want in life...

I'll be honest. I am currently looking for a new job. I have tolerated heavy loads of classes, I have tolerated long semesters, I have tolerated non stop teaching for 4 hours straight. But when they asked the lecturers to be telemarketers, they have crossed the line. I am not going to tolerate that. I boycott the briefing and did not bother to make any calls. Instead I started sending out resumes. I went for an interview last Monday, it was good, we'll see how things turn out. I just hope I have the chance to finish helping the student who asked me to be the supervisor before I am gone for good. Don't worry, even if I get a job, I will still be there for two more months because there is a two month's notice period.

I was talking with some people and it seems that morale was quite low. They have frozen hiring new staff. It gave me the impression that we are not making money? Even the appraisal has been delayed and the bonus and yearly increment will only be known by March next year.We have not even obtained the form yet until now. Actually I have a bad feeling already, and it seems that the student fees keep increasing, but not really the salary.

I used to have this same feeling when I was working for a previous company. We were doing training service for another company, meaning the company  will get students, and we will train them. One day, my boss wanted to sell all our training materials to the other company. I was against that idea, but they went with the plan anyway. Not long after the other company bought the material, they started to look for their own lecturers. Soon, I was working for another company. Five years down the line the company folded.

Back to current time. I was commenting that a Java Developer with 3 years experience can get a starting salary of 5000, Can a lecturer with 10 years experience ask for that salary? That is a big question mark, A lot of people have the impression that lecturers have high pay, but believe it or not if I told you some schoolteachers without master can get higher salary than lecturers.Well, that's the sad truth here. They want our mind but unwilling to pay the money so that our body stays healthy. My friend was kidding while the people in the industry die of stress or heart attack, we will die of hunger. How sad.

I am also human and have worldly needs. Some people say be content with what you have. My challenge to them is if you never feel hungry, you have no right to ask people that are hungry to be content. That's bullshit. I think I will slowly walk away from the education field.

Some people know only how to grumble but they say  that they are too old to change. Too bad. I am going to rub it in when I leave. Actually these people are my motivitation, to prove them wrong will bring me great satisfaction.

And of course I will save money to buy a Z4. Wahaha.

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