Friday, December 31, 2010

Last day on the left

Ahem, I mean one more day left for the year 2010. That title was a reference to the "Last house on the left" movie.

Today was a public holiday since Malaysia won some football cup. Actually I was already on leave, so now have to cancel my leave and it ruined my plan a bit since there was a lot of people around.

Early morning work up and ate breakfast. FML, the price has increased a bit.

I went to Gurney and it seems the Chinese New Year decorations are already up.

I spend my day sitting by the road and watch cars pass by.

On a lighter side, there is a new game at the arcade called Razing Storm. Only later I found out its from the Time Crisis series. Its a cool game, imagine shooting with loud rock music playing. And I absolutely love the guns.

In the evening, it looked like it was going to rain. Hopefully those at Padang Kota celebrating the new year does not get soaked.

A Happy New Year to everyone.

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