Friday, May 16, 2008

College of the Dead Replay part 3

X and S were waiting in the meeting room. The meeting were supposed to start at 8 but now its 9.

"Hmm, no one in sight, I wonder where they are? " said S.

"The last time a meeting was this late was after the leadership talked about time management and being punctual. The next day, they were late almost an hour, and when I complained, they say its technical problem. Technical problem my head" grumbled X

"Maybe the students knew about the behavior already, and decided to come late" said S


"This reminded me. A person who is really good need not say that he is good, he will let other people judge that he is good. A good person should not be so arrogant and try to do the things that he thinks is right" said X

Suddenly the room turned dark.

X quickly readied his climber knife while S took out the pda and switched on the pda light.

"I think there is a power trip" said S as she looked around. "There is no threat around".

"Lets get out of the room" said X.

As S and X got out of the room, they saw half the building still has power. And there were multiple fans turned on while no one was around.

"Whoever did this will end up as a diode in their next life" said X

Suddenly the pda that S was holding blinked and there were multiple dots on the screen showing level 3.

"X, there is a sudden rise of zombie infestation on level 3" said S.

"I know what's on level 3, the computer labs are there" said X.

"Follow me to the ground floor S, I know exactly what to do" said X

To be continued ...

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