Wednesday, May 28, 2008

College of the Dead Replay Part 5

Upon reaching the ground floor, X realized something.

"Damn, we forget to take the chemicals to make the bomb to blow up the generator" said X.

"Never mind, there is a chemical lab on the 4th floor, we can get the chemicals there" said S

"Lets use the lift, it should be faster" said X

X pressed the lift button ...

After waiting 5 minutes, S said "Never mind, i'll run up the stairs and get the chemicals while you wait for the lift"

S ran up the stairs up to the 4th floor to the chemical lab. She took some HCl and Ca in Parafin oil (for those who slept in chem class will regret now). Then she ran down the stairs again.

She found X was still waiting for the lift and drinking a cup of coffee "It took so long that I decided to make myself a cup of coffee =.="

"Let's go to the generator now" said X.

They reached the generator. S handed X the chemicals.

"I'll rig up the things so we can make a bomb" said X.

X found a mineral water bottle and some strings. He cut the strings into two half. He tied the bottle of acid over the main fuse with one half the string. Then he poured the Ca in parafin in the mineral water bottle and tie it over the string that holds the acid bottle.

"X, you used to be an engineer right?" asked S

"Yeah, but its political support engineer. So i left that job. A problem with people that comes from big company is he has a lot of person to order around, but when he go to small company, he finds he has to do all the stuff himself" said X

"What do you think is the criteria of a good company" asked S

"I feel, one, you should not be too proud of yourself until the point that you cannot see your weakness. Then you should appreciate the people who work there, you can find new people but its not the same as the people who have left" asked X

"And if there is a lot of people that hate you more and more, there must be something wrong with you, not the people who dislike you" said X

"And sometimes you have to teach these people a lesson" said X

X took out his knife and punctured the plastic bottle that contains the Ca and let the parafin drip out. When the oil has been drain, the Ca will burn and cut the string that hold the acid bottle. The acid will fall on the fuse. Its sort of a timer (beat that Detective Conan :P)

"Lets get out of here before the generator blow up" said S

S and X rand away from the generator. In 3 minutes there was a huge explosion that blew up the generator.

"What's next?" asked S

To be continued ...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Jack Bauer, CTU agent. I'll be paying you a visit very shortly because we suspect that this blog is a front for covert online terrorist training.

You had better come quietly with us when we do pay you a visit. Any funny business, and I will personally make sure that you spend the longest day in your life in the CTU torture - er, I mean, interrogation - room.