Monday, April 14, 2008

College of the Dead Part 11

5 minutes after adding the potion to the pool, a strange reaction happened. The water bubbled and turned pink.

"That's strange" said X.

"I'll analyze it" said S. S took a small amount of water and put it in a small tube. Then S took a small drop of water and put it in a slot in the PDA. The machine blinked and buzzed and then the data appeared on the PDA monitor.

"That is interesting. The water has been modified by some chemicals. The original water, you have to drink it only will it turn you into a zombie, but this water has been modified, If you sit and do something mindless for more than 3 hours, it will slowly turn you into a zombie after half a semester".

"Someone sulking over trivial love matter will also be infected, and if you blame the world for all your trouble, it will also turn you into a zombie".

"And if you play a computer game inside the college, it will definitely turn you into a zombie".

"No wonder there are so many zombies attacking the college, one of the student's favorite pastime is playing computer games (inside the lab some more =.= )" said X.

"And a lot of irresponsible people who like to blame others too for their own faults, the whiners =.= " added S.

"Now I am really tempted to nuke the college " said X.

"S, do an analysis, see what can counter the water now, and more importantly, who is the one responsible for turning all the students into zombies "

To be continued ...


Jwo-Haur said...

Of all the colors, PINK??!!?? >.<

Jwo-Haur said...

By the way, the answers (there are more than one) to the question at the end:

1) Minister of Higher Education & other ill-informed policy-makers
2) College MDs
3) Disgruntled teaching staff
4) (last but not least) Indifferent parents

Cloud said...