Tuesday, April 15, 2008

College of the Dead part 12

S is looking at the PDA monitor and said "X, the original water is contaminated with a high element of BS material, and I only know one place where we can get that big amount of BS from this college"

X said "I think you mean who, and not where right?. I am thinking of the same person at this moment"

"We will pay him a personal visit later. What is your opinion on the cure of the zombie virus" X asked.

"A hard dose of reality will turn back all the zombies into humans" said S.

"Thats easy to do, here is my plan" X said

X plans to turn zombies back into humans.
1. Let the zombies make mistakes in life and fail without anyone saying its ok or impact their fall

2. Let them go work hard task like road sweeping or toilet cleaning to let them know life is cruel.

3. Take away thier cars and let them walk.

4. Cut their internet line and make them pay for their usage.

Ultimate plan if all else fail.


"Ha Ha, nice plan X" said S.

"Now lets go get the source of this problem" said X.

"Wait X, the readers must be confused, the Boss is shooting the zombies on the upper ground of the college but we are talking about the cure here, what the heck?" said S.

"Ah, let me classify the zombies for the reader" said X

Basically there are 2 types of zombies:-
1. The dormant type - blank look, blur look, always confused as the brain is nearly gone, but harmless non the less. Can be cured by a hard knock of reality. You don't really know they are zombies, in fact you might be one.
2. The active type - we kill these ...

"OK, lets get to the source of the problem" said X.

X and S ran back up the tunnel and out of the manhole and run through the college, with zombies bodies everywhere. They ran through the dark corridor to the second floor.

They reached a dark corner, when X suddenly heard someone running this way from the other way. X raised his MP5 and waited.

From the other side the Boss with the AK and his two followers are running towards them.

"We traced where all the zombies are coming from and its coming from here" said the Boss.

X looked in front of the door and written on it is "The Counselor AKA Motivator" on the door.

X and S both raised their MP5 and the Boss prepared his AK47, and the followers their guns.

"Let's go in" said X.

to be continued ...

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frozeH said...

10 time...no need lar just give them the ICM/ICSJ question enough,sure will cry until mother cannot recognized 1.