Monday, April 21, 2008

S: The case of the zombie inducing video game part 1

S is walking in the snow in the streets of Moscow. She is wearing a ski mask, scarf, a long trench coat, glasses to protect the eyes, leather gloves, dark colored jeans and Timberland boots. She is also carrying a black duffel bag in her arm.

Under her trench coat, she is carrying a Jericho gun, also known as Baby Eagle in the US. Tucked behind her in the belt is a push dagger.

In the duffel bag is an MP5 with silencers and 9mm bullets and a Tazer gun for non lethal usage..

"Hmm, of all the places, why did I have to go to Russia in the middle of winter" sighed S.

The reason is headquarters wants her to investigate a computer game company , which has develop an online game called "People Under Killing Influence". A lot of parents claim their kids turned into zombies after playing that game for too long. She is going to pay a visit to the developer of the game.

She passed by an alley when she heard a commotion. She turned into a corner and saw a man fighting with some people. The man uses a titanium blade and dispatches several of the attackers.

One of the attackers saw S and dashed towards her with fangs in his mouth, S calmly kicked a wooden crate nearby, the crate broke and S picked up a piece of broken wood and staked the attacker through the heart.

The man with the sword stopped and looked at S.

"Well, well. Blade, still hunting vampires I see" smiled S.

"You must be in Russia for zombie business I guess" said Blade.

"Yeah, I got some job to do now, talk to you another time. Say hi to the Night Watch if you see them " said S.

"Yeah, send my regards to X " said Blade as he walked away.

S reached her destination, a two stories apartment. She walked quietly to the second floor where the developer lived. She heard a commotion inside the developer's house. Slowly she took out the MP5 and Tazer. Then she pulled down the ski mask to cover her face.

To be continued ...

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