Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Exterme stomachache?

I guess the person who did this must have an extreme stomachache. =.=

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Anonymous said...

Phone rang in a toilet cubicle.

Guy on toilet bowl: "Hi, sweetheart, I was about to call you. Look, I'm in the middle of doing some 'business' here, can I call you back later?"

Sweetheart-about-to-turn-sour: "Well, no, actually. Don't call me back later. In fact, don't ever call me again. Yeah. I'm calling to let you know that it's over. Bye."

*toot*~~~ (dial tone)

"Wait! Hello? Sweetheart?-- No!!!!!!! ARGHHH!!!!!!!! (went into berserk state and tore the toilet tank from its place) Go to hell!!!!"

Then he stormed out of the toilet.

And, yes, naturally, he forgot to wash/wipe his ass.