Friday, April 11, 2008

Special offer

If you are in Penang, and want to buy jeans at special offer price, please contact .

I am not the seller so don't ask me, just helping out in promotion. The jeans not bad also.


Cloud said...

u nvr get one for urself? tot ure one of da levi's lover? haha

Maple said...

Haha! I saw Kevin in the background of the first picture ^^

wolfpack said...

my size???

SMS said...

I am saving money for my Evisu ^^.

Your size =.=|||, have to ask the seller

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for tan color. Size: 48. Not cm, of course.

Saw one with just the right color at Kamdar, but size 50 only. :-(

You know who I am. :-)

Anonymous said...

Clarification: I wouldn't wear jeans if I have the choice. But the thing is, the Icon slacks at Kamdar are shrinking in cutting, and the size max out at 46 (there used to be size 52 under this brand).

Don't know who's talking here?

Hey, how many fat guys you know who shops at Kamdar? :-)

SMS said...

All the big people looking for big jeans =.= . I ask the seller ok.