Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Unforgiven and Unforgiven Too

Was talking to someone last night about naming their belongings. So I decided to name my knives.


Description - This knife was given to me by someone I helped once. He wanted to give me an auto knife, which is illegal, but I say I prefer manual ones, so there we are. Its handle is half wood and half steel. But this balisong is not for novice as the handle can be slippery and the knife can fly off.

"Unforgiven Too"

Description - I bought this knife today as a gift for someone. Me weird guy =.=. It took me 3 months to find it, I searched from Prangin Mall, go back to my hometown and finally back to Penang before I found it. Bloody hard to find =.=. This one is better than those knives at Prangin cause it's weight is better, its not perfect but better. In terms of sharpness, it still cannot fight the climber, which is a balanced and useful knife. This one is just for playing around. The owner can rename it "Strife" :P

I have a third Balisong which I named "Lost", sorry no picture cause I cannot find it.

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Dumbo said...

"Lost" is still stuck in the neck (or some other part of the anatomy) of the Headmaster. :-)