Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Traffic Light

The picture was taken when it was quite cloudy and was about to rain so its kinda dark. The have just built a new traffic light near my house but the interesting thing is there is another traffic light just less that 100 meter from that traffic light.

The interesting thing is when the traffic light is working, there will be a massive jam up to my house but when the traffic light is not working like yesterday, there is no jam. The traffic light just cause huge jam.

I see no value of putting the traffic light there cause there has never been any serious accident in the area. Maybe just some sissy driver that cannot go out of Tesco Extra without the help of the traffic light.

The point is rules and regulation are suppose to make life easier for people and not to make life more difficult. Humans are more flexible but rules and regulations are so rigid.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that we should not follow rules, but can you justify why you implement the rules first before you do it? If you cannot justify it, then there is no point in blindly doing the thing and causing trouble for other people.

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Anonymous said...

It tempts one to think
it might be public service
vandalize it


Boy, did I just say that?