Friday, April 25, 2008

Monster needs a rest

I will be away for holiday until Monday 28 April. I need to rest, sharpen my knives and my claws and look for new knives and more story to tell.

Also hiding from people I failed muahahahahahaha. (Just kidding ok =.=)


frozeH said...

after fail ppl no need to hide from them...except ur fighting skill are not as good as them.

No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better

- Samuel Beckett

SMS said...

i am not scared of their fighting skill, i am scared of their bulling skill. then hear all sort of grandfather story >.<

Jwo-Haur said...

I once flunked a student because he didn't hand in the assignment--

"Sir, while crossing the bridge on my bike, some stupid car nudged me from behind and I sort of lost my balance, so my bag fell into the sea."


That, I think, is what SMS means by "bulling skill". And I have met a high-ranking master.


Anyway, although I do not believe his story, but it's always fun to think that there might be a shark out there with a very, very severe indigestion from swallowing that student's works. LOL.

SMS said...

"I had to go rescue my friend who was falsely accused of a crime that he did not commit by the police" was my favorite.

Luckily he did not say he was looking for a one armed killer, if not sure i faint.