Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Korean BBQ Chicken at Gurney..

After the presentation, most of the students went to RedBox to enjoy themselves. I got a call for dinner invitation at around 5.20 pm. So I rushed back, bath and off I went to Gurney. Mind you there was a terrible traffic jam and I managed to reach there cause I was using a bike only.

The supposed place to meet was Nandos, but somehow we end up at Korean BBQ Chicken. The students asked me where I wanna go but I told them, the last time someone asked me that, we ended up at the Ship, so better not ask me.

So what to eat at Korean BBQ Chicken? of course chicken..duhh.

Someone was super shy...

Don't know why, suddenly the new RM50 note became the center of attention.

The food finally arrived...

Jerk BBQ Chicken with mashed potato. Don't look at me, its how they called the dish =.=

Jerk BBQ Chicken with rice

Hot chicken with mashed potato.

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